Wednesday Babes!

Today I am going brag about all the beautiful babes in my life!

Ok, I'll go with oldest to youngest:

My handsome man Dal.
Just look at that slobbery face.
He's giving me a hug here.

Ladies watch out for this stud in about 16 years.

His smile is hands down THE BEST. Adore him.
And miss you guys tons.
Seriously move to Calgary already geesh.

And my sweet niece Emerson. I am in LOVE with these 2 photos.
They are quickly getting printed and framed. Beautiful.
Krink thank you for sending these to me. They made my day.
Man I love her!

And I'd like to introduce Laurel Alexandra, born on the 13th of February to my great friends Carla & Jordan.
Congrats guys! Cannot wait to meet her.

I do not have baby fever at.all. :)

P.S. I am guest posting for Suze today because she is off visitng her new niece Allison! What a great name! Just with an extra L! :) I did a pretty in pink post!
Because this girl loves me some pink.

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Rachel and John said...

Aw I love babies!! And I love the name Laurel!

Megan said...

You are so blessed with such amazing babies in your life!

Leslie said...

What sweet babies!!!

krink said...

Wow and there is baby Laurel. She looks so much like her mom! My goodness. What a beauty! And of course the ever handsome Dal! Emerson's facebook boyfriend :D Don't worry AJ, your baby will someday grace these pages and be just as spectacular! I know I can't wait!!!

D @ The best things in life said...

Love all those cheeks! So dang cute! :)

Logan said...

Emerson, is soo darn cute, I just want to kiss her.
I love the name Laurel, very pretty.
Move to Calgary, we don't get those freak snow storms you get so why don't you move here!! That means you would have to bring Emerson and her family too!!
Dal is a trooper, a needle yesterday and didn't even cry!!! But he could slow down on the growing, Mr. 21lbs 7 ozs!
Miss you too!!