Snowy, cold, yucky Monday.


Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend at the lake, I'll do a full post on that tomorrow!
So today you get Miscellany Monday!

(1) I am excited for tonight. We get to see one of my brother's best childhood friends and his wife. It has been over 5 years since we've seen him as he lives in Texas! We have yet to meet his wife too so it will be great to catch up with them. When Jeff and Josh were younger Josh was at our house I think more then he was at his own (he lived accross the street) so he was like a second brother to me.

(2) We got a new oven! It comes tomorrow! Future Shop was having a 1 day VIP day so we snagged a great deal on it.

(3) I am very excited for dinner tomorrow night with our friends Dustin and Whitney - our double date has been postponed a few times now so this time FOR SURE we are having dinner! We don't get to see them nearly enough since they live way south and we are way north. :(

(4) It is ugly here today. Our back alley is a skating rink. This morning Justin and I had to push his car out of the alley because it is just ice with a ton of snow on top. But can I just say how much I am in love the our garage and those who build it. Seriously in love.
Oh and then walking Cruz I fell twice right on my butt. Lovely.
I wish I was here:

(5) I'm so looking forward to this workout tonight even though I really just want to curl up in bed! I love BodyRock workouts right now.

(6) It has been a sad day at work. We have had nothing but bad news for 3 of our families.
A staff member lost her Dad over the weekend, a 12 year old student lost her Mom (unexpectedly) over the weekend and one of our student is fighting through a major surgery as I type this.
 What I love about my job is that we are a really small school; we have 46 kids and 23 staff member so we are like an extended family to each other. But then when events like this occur is makes it very hard on everyone. Needless to say, it has been a very tearful day for our school family.

(7) Everyone just remember:

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Rachel and John said...

Wow Alison! I hope everything works out for your student!
Can't wait to hear about your weekend at the lake!

Leigh said...

I agree, this weather suck! So sorry to hear about your student's and their losses. Hopefully things start to look up for them!

Hope you had a great weekend at the lake :)

Jessica said...

As soon as I get home I'm pulling up some workouts on my computer since I can't get to the gym today! You are my motivation girl!

Yay for your new oven! :D

Suze said...

Girl you have alot to share and yay for catching up with family friends and new oven.

Will be praying for your schools student and staff members family.

If you need a good shoe story, read my blog today. It is sure to cheer you up haha !


Logan and kiddies said...

It is blue sky and nice out temerature wise!:) It is nice enough to walk but me and 6 kids walking, falling every other step!! Yah NO! Yah Oven!! I am wishing mine will break!! Is that bad?:) Sorry to hear about all the bad news at your school, give your self a hug 4 times, 1 from each of us!! I could go to that beach place, when do we leave??:)

krink said...

Hey you... hope your Monday picked up a bit after I talked to you. And I hope you didn't bruise your butt when falling like I did! Let me know tomorrow!!! ;) And say hi to Dustin and Whitney from us three!

Adrian said...

So sorry to hear it's yucky still where you are, when do you get a reprieve from the cold weather? Also, big hugs to you and your school with everything that is going on, no bueno!

Sending you loads of optimism and California sunshine!

Megan said...

So sorry that y'all have so many bad things going on at work. Praying for y'all!