Miscellany weekend bits.


This weekend was pretty low-key. Which I love.
We had a friend over for dinner on Friday night (and his girlfriend) and Justin BBQ'd ribs in the freezing cold!
It's nice to see a friend you haven't seen in ages and see that they are still the same old person. :)
Saturday we just hung around the house and then went to dinner with our friends Carolin & Kevin and the boys (Colton & Keenan). Keenan is in love with Justin, all night it was "Justin come here", "Justin I want to show you this", "Justin look at this", "Justin, Justin, Justin". They spend the evening having lightsaber wars & watching Starwars on youtube.
Love those boys (even though over the years have grown to love my husband and dog more than me). Not bitter AT all.

Then Sunday I went and watched another one of Emerson's swim lessons. This time Mom was in the water!


And up! Her face was priceless!

Poor Emerson was FREEZING!
Those rolly polly little arms were purple, so they finished the class in the Hot Tub!
She is too cute for words.

Then I hit up Micheal's and did a bunch of crafting all afternoon! :) Cruz and I also did Jillian's Yoga. I say Cruz and I because she loves to crawl under me while I am in downward dog or climb on top of me when in plank, she is SO unhelpful and annoying really but at the same time so cute.
Justin went with Blake to help Amy & Scott install thier new dishwasher!

Then we watched Unstoppable. Great movie. Well worth the watch. 

And by the way - I am SO done with this cold weather. It is freezing today! So cold Cruz and I actually ran the last half of our walk this morning. She thought this was great.
So Mother Nature please please please bring us some warmer weather. My ears and nose thank you.

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Leigh said...

Sounds like our weekend! Super low key and that's just perfect :)

I agree...bring on the warm weather! Yesterday afternoon wasn't too bad but then it dropped a lot!

Jessica said...

He BBQ's like my hubby, rain, sleet, snow or hail -- he's out there on the grill! Haha

Logan said...

Please share the warm weather, freezing my toes......

Molly said...

I am BEYOND ready for warm weather as well, snow and cold are SO annoying! UGH!

Love the pics of Emerson and her swim lessons, too sweet!

Sarah said...

Low key weekends are the best. Cute pictures:)

Megan said...

I love low key weekends!! It is warm here...I am trying to wish some of it your way! We are in the 70's and it feels glorious outside!!

krink said...

Thanks for coming to watch Emerson this weekend! I know she loved having you there!!!
And Troy and I just watched Unstoppable this past week too. What a great movie! I don't even remember seeing a preview for it, but it was well worth the rental.