Memory Lane

Today I had no inspiration on what to post I was looking through some albums on my facebook and I decided to post some random old pictures that made me smile.
So today we are taking a little trip down memory lane.
Sit back, relax & enjoy your Thursday.

Justin & Brother - Kan Jam & Beer make 2 of my favorite boys very happy.

Vegas Girls Trip!
Palm Spring Girls Trip!
Oldie but a goodie.
What a fun weekend this was. :)
Alison, Whitney & Karen
Rocking the Seba dance!
My Man Colt. 11 years old now. How the heck!
Justin and his Mom Debbie.
Love her face in this picture.
Blake and Justin. Not much else to say.
Mom, Jeff & Dad at Kelly's.
Oh how I sort of in a strange way miss Kelly's.
Ok...this picture....Whit, what were we doing?
Karen is looking at us like, I can't believe I am spending New Years with these people.
Captain Brothers
Alison, Jolie, Mom in Geneseo
Brother/Sister Tattoo
Alison & Krink.
We just like to wear helmets!
Cruzie & Daddy

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Leigh said...

Fun post idea! What is your tattoo of? I don't think I knew that you had one

Rachel and John said...

I didn't know you had a tattoo either! How fun!

Molly said...

Cute pics! I agree with the 2 comments, what's the tattoo of?

Its always fun to look at old pics and remember back! Have a great day!

Caroline said...

Fun post! What tattoo do you have?

Jaclyn said...

What a fun group! Thanks for letting us voyeurs take a peek :)

Logan said...

Well I guess you may need to do a tattoo post? I have seen it before! LOve the idea, you braver than I!! Great pictures!!

Jessica said...

I'm sooo ready for another girls trip! Seeing your pictures makes me ready for summer too!

Whitney said...

Bahahahahaa.. I never noticed that Karen wasn't in on that craziness. Oh Alison.. Good times. I think that was the champagne. :)Love the pics (all of them).