I'm loving alright!


What I am loving!

I'm loving our new oven.
I love how the delivery people give you a window of what time they will arrive and then come in the last 5 minutes of that window and stay 25 minutes. Awesome.

I'm loving these cute pictures from Logan of her girlies!

I'm loving the Valentine's wreath that I have started that I saw on Tatertots & Jello. I hope I finish it for this Valentine's day! It's time consuming and I may or may not have burnt my fingers 3 times so quit...or took a break.

I am also loving the headbands I am trying to make for Emerson and the 2 sweet girls above. I'll post them when I have perfected them. So maybe never, but I am trying.

I'm loving these lovelies from lululemon and the fact that I have a gift card for there! I love how I am drawn to tops and I could use a new pair of pants...

I'm loving this top with the ruffles on the back.
This one belongs in my closet.
(thank you Leigh for introducing me to it!) 

Happy Thursday!

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Rachel and John said...

Aw. I miss lululemon! My pants are too small now, and i could roll the waist down but then it kinda digs in. I was about to buy bigger ones but that's kinda pointless right?
Oh lulu, soon we'll be together again.

Leigh said...

If you happen to be at lululemon, I'll take one of the ruffle tops as well ;) I wish I had loads of money to spend and not think about it...then I'd be buying lots of lululemon stuff!

That's happy that you have a new oven that works now :) I agree, it's so annoying when they come at the end of the time frame and take a while!

Jennifer said...

omg LOVE the pics of the kids in the hole of snow! Those are awesome =)

Suze said...

Loving the new oven girl!

those girls are just too cute , cant wait to see those headbands :)

those are some fun tops and cute bottoms to be "swooning" over ;)

hope your having a good day!

Rebekah said...

Yay for a new oven! I love that wreath! It's so cute.

Jessica said...

I'm in desperate need for some new clothes! Especially for the gym.

Glad you finally got your new oven and love it! :D

Logan said...

I LOVE the purple and grey one!! Let me say that again, I NEED the purple and Grey one.........I want it, thank you, off to go get one!!!

Whats the wreath made of?? Looks great!!

Nice oven, jealous......maybe love, need, want one!! Hhmm....how to break an oven??

Thanks for making me smile!!

Logan said...

Those girls, yep pretty darn cute.......98.999% of the time!!:)

Caroline said...

The wreath is so cute. And I love those outfits. I want one.

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

the snow pics and wreath are adorable! i hope you finish the wreath because i'd love to see it!

Shannon said...

That valentine's wreath is sooo cute!!! I love those lululemon clothes as well! I really wanna get some soon! Right now all I have from them is 2 pairs of armwarmers and a workout bag.

kebowman said...

ohhh i love that wreath!!!