Fun Friday!

I'm so excited!!!
Guess where I will be on August 18th at 7:00pm?
At the Taylor Swift concert in Edmonton!!!

That's right Justin and I will be nestled between all the 13 year olds and I promise you I will be singing every word to every song along with them. Maybe even louder!

We saw her once in concert before when she opened for Rascall Flats and she was fabu-loso! So I am thrilled to be seeing her again.
Is it August yet?
Love her.

YEAH! Happy very Early Birthday to me! Justin got off easy this year.
And thank to the Country 105 fan club and the CISN Country fan Club (great idea Mom or Dad for joining the Edmonton one!) for sending me the pre-buy code. Tickets don't go on sale until today but I bought them yesterday! Booyah!

Last night Mom and I went to a Circuit class at a studio that a friend of ours opened up. It was an early class (4:30pm) which I love and guess what!? We were the only 2 in the class! So we got some good 2:1 personal training! We told her we'd be back next week and she is going to set up the circuit with a bunch of TRX stations! Can't wait.

A huge Congrats to my wonderful hubby on his raise! Finally all of his hard work is somewhat being recognized. Good work babe.
As always I am very proud of you.

Good luck tonight Brother! Miss you.

So looking forward to a low key weekend with not a whole lots planned. Perfection.

Happy Weekend all! xo

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J said...

That is AWESOME! Love her!

Jessica said...

I saw TSwift last year and she puts on a great show!

Rachel and John said...

Woo Congrats on the raise!!
And I saw TSwift at Stampeded 2 years ago and she was so so so great!
What is a TRX station?

Mom said...

Way to go Justin!!!! got the tickets.
Thank goodness you did a post this Friday or Justin and I might have had to boycott the Blog:)

Megan said...

Ahhhhh, super jealous that you get to see Taylor! I have seen her twice and I loved both!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome, love her! And be sure to check out my blog don't want to miss it. Hint hint!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh how fun -- She has totally grown on me :)

Kristin said...

My dad gives me his pre buy code when i need it too, its awesome. im jealous you get to see her