Enjoying the Small Things...


Blog love.

This blog always makes me smile with every post. Enjoying the Small Things.
I can spend hours on her blog. I shouldn't admit to that, but seriously she is inspiring in so many ways.
The Mom (Kelle) is an amazing photographer and Mother.
She has 2 beautiful girls. They are always doing fun things together as a family, running around in barefeet, making a mess, baking, throwing extravagent parties - creating memories.
She is fabulous.
She also has an amazing story. Read it here. wow.
And if you want to help just click here to support Nella's Rockstars.

PS. They also wear the BEST outfits. Seriously Adorable.

Anyways Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyone had a great LOVE Day. We had an amazing time last night.
I am still full this morning. I am pretty sure we each ate an entire grilled pineapple. Yum.
We have THE best friends.
And thanks to my Mom & Dad for taking Cruz for a sleepover so she wasn't all alone on Valentine's. Best Grandparents ever! :)

Oh and look what Justin got me:
It is like it was made for me! pink! Just what I needed for my BodyRock workouts, I am slightly obsessed with them. 

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Rachel and John said...

Aw fun!!

Megan said...

I love her blog...it's one of my favorites!

Jessica said...

Those girls are ADORABLE. Omygosh.
Hope you and Justin had a had a nice Valentine's day! :)

Katie said...

LOVE the Pink Gym Boss TImer, that is such a thoughtfull gift! and way better then chocolate ;)

Leigh said...

I have read that blog before and just couldn't stop reading! Such an amazing and touching story.

What is it that Justin got you? A timer?

Kristin said...

Kelli takes the BEST pictures of the girls. They are gorgeous!

Adrian said...

Yay now you are going to be just like Zuzanna when you do a bodyrock workout with your cute pink gymboss timer!! Tell me how you like it! what a sweet Vday gift :)

B said...

That is one of my all time favorite blogs :)