10 randoms on Tuesday!


(1) My brother is pure awesomeness.
Did you guys know this? Well the big guy is no longer in Columbus. Why you ask?
He was called UP! To Bloomington, Illinois!!!
Yippers! He is now in the Central League playing for the Bloomington Prairie Thunder!
So proud of him! So who knows how long he will be there, a couple weeks or the remainder of the season but they are lucky to have the awesomeness that is Jeff. :)

(2) Our oven died. This is NOT awesome. I hope Justin can fix it!
(3) On the weekend we watched Salt. Justin has been harassing me to see it so on Friday night he tricked me, I was all excited, thought we were watching The Fighter and next thing I knew Angelina was all up in my face. Geesh. Don't tell him but it was pretty darn good.

We also went and saw No Strings Attached. It was funny! :) We both laughed.

(4) For all you Calgarians out there. I have a secret because I like you. Go to the Costco in Balzac near Cross Iron Mills. It was SO incredibly quiet, hardly any lines, great parking, amazing. But don't tell anyone else, it's our little secret.

(5) Potlucks are not good for me. Especially when someone makes peanut butter marshmallow squares. I'm already looking to see which BodyRock workout to do tonight that will kick my butt like last nights did. And there are leftovers today in the kitchen. Do.not.go.in.there.

(6) My girlfriend Carla is due tomorrow. Come on baby Reti we want to meet you!

(7) February 25th is going to be a very exciting day, more so for someone else but pretty sure I am just as excited. :)

(8) My Mom and Dad brought me back Fruit Chillers from thier trip. Yum. You americans better love these, because we don't get them here in Canada.
Why did I not put these in the freezer last night so they would be ready for me to devour tonight? Darnit.

(9) I am SO excited this weekend we have Lily again for the whole weekend and we are taking her to the lake!!! Good idea Justin and thank you Mom and Dad for letting us crash on your weekend! :) Why is it only Tuesday?

(10) This girl is so loved.
And she adores the snow.
Lucky girl had a sleepover with Grandma & Grampa last night and is going for a run with Grandma today!

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Suze said...

Congrats on the BRO moving UP, that is pure awesomeoness! So happy for all you peeps!

No strings attached , ive got to see that movie like ASAP!

Hope you have fun weekend with Lily at the lake! lucky y'all :)

Sorry i've been lagging behind in the whole blogging :( life is CRAZY right now! I promise i'll be better!


Leigh said...

That's super exciting for your brother! He must be happy about it :)

I've never been to the Costco by Cross Iron Mills...might just have to check it out now :)

Can't wait to hear what the 25th is!

Rachel and John said...

I've been to that Costco...at Christmas and it was EMPTY! So worth the drive!

YAY for your brother too!

Mrs. Mama said...

i also really liked the movie salt. hubby was not a big fan of it though.

love all the pup pics! so cute!

Leslie said...

Congratulations to your brother! that's exciting!!!
I've been dying to see No Strings Attached! I've heard it is so cute.. and hilarious..
and then those fruit chillers sound awesome! I haven't seen them in the stores but I'll have to go look ASAP!

Jessica said...

I've never had fruit chillers but they sound yummy! May have to pick them up next time I'm at the store. I'm also jealous of your quiet Costco, mine is always a MADHOUSE! Agh!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, she seriously LOVES the snow! That is SO cute!!!!

Congrats on your friend having a baby soon! Can't wait to see some pictures!

Jennifer said...

Ohmygosh your pup is sooo super cute! =) I miss being able to play with all the puppies at the pet store I used to work at as a kid... so much fun!

New to your blog =) Loving it so far!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

Puppy is too cute and Yay for your brother! :)