What I'm loving!


What I'm loving TODAY!
I'm loving BODYROCK.tv The Home Workout Movement!

Justin introduced me to this site a couple weeks ago and I am full on obsessed with it!
Zuzana (& Freddy) post a workout everyday and they range in the amount of time they take and the difficulty.  
She is incredibly fit (ya think!) and I love how she shows a video of each workout and a break down of how to do it.
They are amazing on thier own or a great add on to a workout.
I am SO happy Justin found this site.
Yesterday I did the 300 squat challenge with my 20lb kettlebell as well we the Epic Abs workout. 

 I'm loving that my Mom and Dad are leaving Friday morning to go see Jeff and then drive down through Florida and then end up in New Orleans. They SO deserve a vacation and I know they can't wait to see Jeff play 3 games. Just a tad jealous, not gonna lie. (And Jolie will be there again in 31 days!)

I'm loving my daily emails chats with my GF Whit.

I'm loving the new single Felt Good on my Lips by my man Tim McGraw.
Great to belt out on the way home from work!
As well as Somewhere with You by Kenny Chesney.
They are both so catchy and just make me wanna sing!

I'm loving these photos of my sweet nice Emerson at her first swim lesson this past Sunday.
Yes she is 4 months in a 12 month bathing suit!
This weekend Aunty Alison is going to watch!

Link up with Jamie and tell me what you are loving!

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Leigh said...

I've done one of those workouts through that site and they are killer! I totally forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me :) Do you find that she goes fast?

Your niece is so cute! :)

Caroline said...

Those workout look intense. That woman's bodt is amazing! And E is so cute. I love she's taking swimming lessons this young.

Adorably Distracted... said...

Wow her body is crazy! I'm new to your blog! can't wait to read more :)

Rachel and John said...

eek she is SO cute!
Also that woman from the work out site is in amazing shape. I could never look like that.

Molly said...

Emerson is SO adorable, seriously! I just wanna squeeze her little cheeks!

Jessica said...

Hold up -- YOU DID 300 SQUATS??!!! You go girl! I'll have to check out that site. ;)

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

that baby is so adorable, and I love that quote.

Those images of the body rock are inspiring. makes me want to hit the gym right now :)

Leslie said...

Emerson is PRECIOUS!! And wow.. that body rock.. I feel like I need to go run 10 miles after seeing her rock hard abs!

Adrian said...

I love Zuzanna and Body Rock! I have only ever attempted one workout, but I used to watch everyday, so funny. She was blonde when I was an active viewer, her dark hair is weird to me now. Your niece is precious! I love baby swim classes :)

Amanda said...

I left and award for you on my blog! :)

Venassa said...

I love both of those songs too!
Your niece is adorable!

Megan said...

Your niece is adorable! I love the name Emerson!! So stinking cute!!

Holly said...

Wow that woman looks crazy fit! :O
Also, your niece is adorable!

-Sam I Am- said...

ok so i am going to have to do this today! we are snowed in at the house and i'm feeling kinda ick about myself today.. so i'm gonna bodyrock it up!!! thank you so much for sharing :)

btw, you are GORGEOUS. just fyi :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Your niece is SO cute!

D said...

So I tried to email reply you and it wouldn't work! : / Thanks for the sweet comment. I am loving Kenny and Tim's new songs as well!

Tylerrapi506 said...

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