Top 2 Tuesday!


Todays topic is: Top 2 Strange Addictions.
I wouldn't really say these are super strange...but here goes.

(1)Cleaning. I love a clean house. 

[Disclaimer: I do not like to clean blinds.]
We have a dog that sheds beautiful blond hair so I vacuum a lot. It drives Justin crazy because if we have people coming over Friday & Saturday night, I have to clean and vacuum both days. Just gotta. And I probably dust our glass top coffee table 6 times a week. And probably wipe our counters 8 times while I make dinner. I laugh at myself.
I also hate clutter. And piles. So they must go as soon as they appear. There is a show on hoarding and it stresses me out. I'd love to clean it for them but seriously where would you start.
Oh the stress.

(2)Post-its. I love them. 

I am obsessed with them. I use them all day long. I make lists on them and re-do my lists constantly. I jot things I think of randomly here and there and then post them into my day timer.
At work I am constantly making post-its and whenever someone asks me to do something, they now know to jot it on a post-it!
Best invention ever (metal blinds are the worst remember).
My SIL Crystal got me a great set of post-its for Christmas.
LOVE them.


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Leigh said...

I hate clutter as well! I am always picking up stuff or putting it away in our house because I can't stand it. I wish there was a fairy that would clean blinds :)

Ashley said...

I am a chronic vacuumer too!! And it also drives hubby crazy.. infact, new years morning, I waited until I knew all of our guests were awake and then vacuumed... while they were there because the few hairs on the rug (that shows everything) drives me to be CRAZY!

Ria Thurston said...

Cute! I am sooo a post-it note girl :-)

Logan said...

I hate vacumming, but love a clean carpet!!! Hhmmm, maybe when the kids are out of the house!! The clutter will hopefully go with them too!!:) I love post-it's and somedays need a post-it for a post-it!! Thanks for making me smile AJ!!

Caroline said...

Post its are the best. Now, can you come and clean my house???

Mrs. Mama said...

Haha Post its ARE the best!

Suze said...

Post it's save my life and girl cleaning really. i would love to clean but unfortunately my allergies make me not to . my allergist told me not to vaccuum like thats how bad! but im fan of no clutter too!!!!

Rachel and John said...

Aren't glass toped coffee tables the worst? I would never get one again because they are SO dirty all the time.

Megan said...

I love to clean, too!! I am so with you on this one. I have three dogs and so I sweep/mop/vacuum at least once a day it seems like. And I'm constantly having to dust off the coffee table!!

Jenny Hill said...

Hey Alison - I am laughing at your hate of metal blinds.
Thanks for the blog award - I have been way too busy to think about blogging, but I will get on that hopefully tomorrow.
Thanks again!

Kristin said...

I do the same thing with post its!! Love them!!

Annie said...

i love post-its and a neat and tidy house as well! :)
i just bought some new colorful post-its for work....colored lined post-its, extra sticky post-its in pretty colors and a tiny cube of colorful post-its. love them :)