Thoughtless Thursday: What the Dog did.


Well it wasn't quite as bad as the last time.
But I was not a happy camper when I got home from work yesterday.
Here I was worrying my butt off all day at work about my little stinker at home with an upset belly... And what do I come home to you ask?

 That's right. She couldn't eat her food but she could destroy 2 of my slippers (and in true Cruz style 1 each from 2 different pairs, awesome Cruz thanks), destroy her new disc and chew 2 corners of the front door rug.
Would you like to know why your tummy hurts Cruz?
For the love dog. Seriously.
Ok ok I know. She's only a year and a half and we leave her out with free range of the house and with things within her reach but COME ON! 95% of the time she is perfect, but those 5% Cruzie girl WHAT are you thinking dog. Cruzin' for a bruizin' my Dad would say. :)

Anyways... on the bright side she did not destroy my new bootie slippers. She did chew off the pompoms though but I am alright with that alteration. 


Head on over to Katie's blog to link up for Thoughtless Thursday and check out how cute little Caleb is! Smily man.

Happy Thursday!!!

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Leslie said...

Oh that's terrible!! Now you'll be having to wear mismatched slippers! haha

Momma Drees said...

I can totally relate! Titus (our 3 1/2 year old Akita) has been horribly naughty lately! Yesterday I came home to garbage EVERYWHERE!

Logan said...

Avah says "Oh no, Cruz your bad dog!" In her squeeky voice! I remember our dog like that in her younger days, I don't remember when they grow out of it? But they do!!

Leigh said...

Oh no Cruz! It's not funny she did that, but you can't help not to be mad at her when she's so cute!

Caroline said...

Oh, no! Cruz!!!! And to think you were so worried about her being sick.

Rachel and John said...

Yikes! Rudy does that too. He loves to eat shoes. I do a mad dash through our main floor before I leave and I move tons of thing up high so he can't get them. I also throw all our shoes in the closet or laundry room...including slippers! oh Puppies!

Suze said...

yikes , cruz is at it again! hopefully, she won't do it again for another say 3 months? LOL. im sorry girl really!

Ashley said...

I wonder if they ever grow out of that 5% because I totally have that problem too... except I have mine kenneled now... for a few months and then try again! It is almost like they like the kennel tho... the trouble they go through to get in trouble!

Annie said...

OH NO!! what a little stinker is right!!
i think gus got over this phase before he was 2 so i hope cruz does as well.
gus chewed on a lot of strange things, including dvd cases that he would pop open and then naw ion dvds...ugh.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

OMG! Cruz! Drake feels your pain! I love how they always get into our stuff and not the dad's. :(

Drake woke me up the other night at 3am while he was digging into the carpet. Weirdos we have lol. That was some serious damage this time by Cruz.

Michelle said...

Oh ALison, I sooooo remember those days. Lucy was horrible sometimes when I left her. It took until about 2.5 years that she eventually started to mellow out and trust that we were coming back. Labs. Honestly the best breed in the world..but the defiance!!! Unmatched. ;)

Jessica said...

Yikes!! Sounds like my Bodie, every once in a while he gets that streak and tears stuff up!