This may win for the longest post EVER. sorry.

Cruz loved the warmer weather over the weekend.
She loves the dog park and snow.

Izzy survived the first 2 days! She loves Cruz's big bed!

We watched movies!

This one:

Super cute, funny, feel good movie. We laughed.

This one:

Do not get me started. It was awful. a.w.f.u.l. Justin didn't think so, but it was SO depressing.
I'm sorry the whole time the only thing you saw was Ryan Reynold's buried in a coffin in Iraq.
It was terrible, sad, awful, painful. Don't do it to yourself.
We also went to see Emerson's swim class.
Oh my goodness cute. She is not bothered by the cold water at all.
Papa Troy did a great job with her.

(I may or may not have acted as the paparazzi!)

Jeff's team won both games this weekend!! Whoo hoo Cottonmouths!!
They had an auction at the game on Saturday and they were auctioning off all the jersey's and some random lady paid $675.00 for my brothers! Outbid my Dad and everything, but seriously we love the guy but $675.00 for his jersey! Whoa mama that's a little much! I promise Jeff - we love you but do you have any idea how many pairs of shoes Dad could buy me with that money!
Anyways Mom and Dad are having a great time with Jeff. Good luck tonight bud.
PS. Jeff wrote on the Cottommouths blog today! What a proud sister I am.

Oh and Cruz got this:

She lost her peace sign one which I was very sad about.
But she is a stylin' pup with this one now! (blocked out our phone numbers, that's all, you don't really want to call us do you?)

Also - Go check out Little Law's Prints, KLaw will send you this free printable for Valentine's Day! I plan on framing it and it will live on our hutch! Reminds me, I need to decorate for Valentine's! Thanks KLaw!
{KLaw makes the cutest stationary, cards, invitations, notes... check her out!}

AND because this post isn't long enough already - I am adding more!!!
Last night Crystal & Emerson came over while the boys went to the Flames game.
Crystal spoiled me with homemade chicken soup, my fav Starbucks drink and best yet - Emerson cuddles and a visit with my #1 sister.
I have been fending off a sore throat so this was the best medicine!
Thank you!

If you made it this far reading you deserve a sundae. :)

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Jennifer said...

LOVE the swimming pics!

Rachel and John said...

Woo Sundae!
I love your hair. How do you manage to make it look fantastic all the time? And what's your favorite starbucks drink? I'm always curious because I can't pick a favorite! Can we have a starbucks date sometime?

Leigh said...

Your niece is so cute! That's crazy that the lady bought your brother's jersey for that much! Was the money going to charity?

Suze said...

emerson is just precious! i cant wait for my niece to come out whenever she decides to come! loving all the pictures of course :)

Hope your having a terrfic Tuesday buddy! :)


Ashley said...

Love the pics of Cruz!She is tooo cute! I loved the movie Life As I Know It! (Not just because that is my blogs name either..) You should definately go see No Strings Attached, hubby would like it too! It was fantastic! Have a great day and feel better soon!

Logan said...

Love it!! I not only made it , but I had to back up so Dal could stare at the swimming pictures of Emerson! and Cruz!

L0veLindsey said...

Haha who cares if this post is long. It's the cutest ever! Such a beautiful fam, and yes I'm including Cruz in that statement!

Leslie said...

Cruz is adorable in the snow!!! She is precious! I wanted to see that movie! I'm glad to hear it's good! I'll definitely have to watch it now! and emerson.. oh my goodness she's adorable!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh Cruz totally loves the snow farrrr to much. Emerson is adorable in her little suit! That's great to start them young!

Caroline said...

Love the pics. Cruz is too funny. Love E in her swimsuit. And I am dying to see that movie, but I'm waiting on Netflix. :)

Megan said...

Emerson is adorable! I always take lots of pictures when I'm around any little baby! They are just too precious not to!!

Where is my sundae?? ; )

krink said...

Love it! Great pictures... but then you always get great ones! So glad you both could make it to Emersons swim lesson. And it was my pleasure coming over last night. It was nice getting to spend some time with you and Cruzie... oh and Izzy too!

Jessica said...

So much baby love in this post! Adorable!

I'm so glad you told me about Buried, I hate hate HATE scary movies and this one does not sound good to me. :(

KLaw said...

OH my goodness... she is so precious!

Thank you for the shout out too! :)