A sleepy Top 2 Tuesday...


Well last night I had an awful sleep and of course it was a day that the alarm went off at 4:51am. Grrr. Yes, Justin is off to Winnipeg again.
So I am sleepy and grumbly today.
On a side note: let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed for my Nana. She is in the hospital yet AGAIN.
Double sigh.
Let's hope all the trouble she is having is just due to the long list of medication she is on and today they can figure it all out. Geesh.
So please send good vibes and hugs to Nana. :)

Now on to Today's topic: Top 2 Outfits your loving for Spring!
Spring could not get here fast enough. I love everything about Spring.

(1) I love dresses. I was never so into dresses than I have been lately. I love them. Especially spring and summer dresses and I love maxi dresses.
(all 3 from Victoria's Secret)

(2) Spring means Summer right! So... bring on the bathing suits!
I love these new ones from Victoria's Secret!
Jolie I we may need to place an order! :)

Link up with Taylor to play along!

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Molly said...

LOVE the dresses, super adorable!

Suze said...

Loving those dresses you picked!

Prayers up and sending good positive vibes for Nana :)


Ashley said...

I am loving dresses too, which I didn't like 3 years ago, but as more time has gone by, maybe styles have gotten better? and I LOVE them!! I especially love the ones you picked out! I also love the swimsuits, if only we could buy the bodies to go in them!! Positive thoughts for Nana, they will get her figured out! Have a great day! (Oh and thanks for the comment on my blog again! You are too sweet...and yes I am being lazy, instead of emailing you, I am messaging on your blog...) ;)

Logan said...

Sending Hugs, and kisses, and happy thoughts to your Nana (my aunt). The dresses are so cut I just wish they would look cute on me!!:(

black tag diaries said...

love that first dress!!

Leigh said...

Aw thoughts going out to your grandma. Hopefully she gets out of the hospital really soon!

I was up at about the same time as you this morning...but with a few periods of sleep thrown in there between then and 6am

Jennifer said...

Love your choices!

Debby(Ryan's NaNa) said...

Please give Rene BIG HUGS from Debby and Ryan. I hope that she is out of the hospital soon.

Rachel and John said...

I'm also a dress fan.

But man those bahting suits are TINY. Only you could pull those off, with your super fitness and all.

Adrian said...

Hi from mingle Monday and returning your comment love! You have a super cute blog, can't wait to "get to know you" better through your posts! Cute doggy too, I just love fur babies :)

Kit said...

Great choices! I love all the bathing suits!!!

Annie said...

love, love, love the dresses!!!! i have seen a few posts on VS dresses, i guess i should head to their site. i'm going to need dresses to hide under this spring/summer!! :)

Megan said...

Saying a prayer for you and your family!! I am super loving dresses right now, too! Even in winter...just add some leggings and boots!

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

found your blog via mingle monday and now following you! i love this post because youre making me wish it was summer already! anyway, hope you'll follow me back at futuremrsmathewwolfe.blogspot.com!

Frank and Fabulous said...

Ohhh! This makes us so excited for Spring and Summer! We absolutely love the dress options, Abbey really loves the last one : ) These would be great in spring with a sweater from fall as well until the weather warms up. Great finds!