Randomness Thursday


Happy Thursday!

Are you ready for a super duper random post today because that's all I have got!

Last night we skype'd with Logan and her 3 kids and it was SO fun.
Dal bounced in his jumper like a little kangaroo the entire time and was adorable with this laughs and crazy noises. Mayela showed us her crafts from school, told us all about soccer and Christmas and was chatty Mcgee as usual. Avah played shy a bit but then was ready to show us all thier Christmas loot. What a great way to stay in touch. So cool!!
When's our next date?

Ok so my thumb. My OT didn't give me a high five (even though I bet she wanted to) or say I was the bomb (which quite frankly I might be) BUT she did say my thumb was doing fantastic.  She said that I had one of the best recoveries she has seen with how bad my injury was. Yeah! And I have gained 11 degrees of bend since the last time she saw me!
Whoop whoop!
[She did say Dr. Lee would probably still want me to have another surgery to remove the scar tissue, but I will cross that bridge when I see him on the 27th.]
And a huge Thank You to Alberta Health Care because they covered the cost of ALL of my OT sessions. And thank you to Future shop for never giving me a ticket when I parked in your lot and walked to the hospital. High fives to you both!

This morning I was in the washroom at the same time as one of Primary class girls and I complimented her on the cute hat she was wearing she responded, "Thanks but I don't think it would look good on you". The honesty.

Anyways I sort of wish I was here:

 or here:
or here:

or here:

or here:

I'm not picky. It's cold here.

Actually I could go here too.
Jeff's arena.

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Logan said...

Yes Skype was great!! Sorry I had to run out!! Hey, Im all for going to one of those warm places too, lets put them in a hat and pick one!!:) Realistically talk now...It's colder somewhere else! The Yukon -45, Here -30 but with wind chill -45! Talk to yu soon...on skype!! Avah is asking about Cruzie girl!

Rachel and John said...

It's so cold here! I feel like everyday this week that is what I commented to you. Look forward to Monday when it will be +1 WOO!

D said...

Left you something on my blog! :)

Megan said...

Hahahaha, oh my! What brutal honesty!! So glad you gained 11 degrees! How amazing!!

Suze said...

makes my heart smile that you do too know how to skype ha ha :)
secondly , i can't believe that primary girl had nerve of her to tell you that comment. bless her.
thirdly, i'd love to go somewhere tropical because at this point i've had enough of snow/ice. mom tried to shovel driveway some it was an epic fail.
fourthly, im still working up trying to figure out which dates i plan to go see jeff play hockey ;) i hadnt forgot .
fifthyl, i've had a blah day and your random post made my day better. so thanks.
xx hugs!

Annie said...

goodness...i wish i was any of those places with ya!!! ;)
i have no desire to even leave my house these days, tooo stinkin' cold!!