Fun Fridays


{1} I really wish the snow would all melt so I can wear the boat shoes Jeff bought me for Christmas. I love them and he has some too so we can be twins!! His aren't pink though I promise. How great is it to have a brother who has bought me shoes 2 years in a row! Score.

{2} I am lovin' the Fleece Sheets Mom and Dad bought us for Christmas. They are a thin fleece and it is just like crawling into bed with a super soft teddy bear. And it makes it very hard to get out of bed! Especially at 4:51am when the alarm went off on Wednesday morning.

{3} I start teaching my Life Skills class today finally! I am super excited to get this going with our senior class. First stop: Personal Hygiene and Taking care of YOU. They are going to love it I am certain. sarcastic ha ha.
They much prefer the Leisure Activities unit we do in the spring!

{4} You know Taylor Swift, yes my BFF, well her middle name is Alison.
Why did I not know this until just recently you ask?
I don't know either.
And it is spelled the same way as me.
We were meant to be BFFs, obviously right!!

{5} I love lunch dates with my niece Emerson and SIL Crystal. I SO appreciate Crystal coming here once a week so I can get some much needed cuddle time. Emerson got this vest for Christmas from Grandma Debbie and I'm not gonna lie. I'm jealous of it. I luuuv it, it's SO bright. She look stinkin' cute in it yesterday.

{6} Logan just shared these photos with me of Mayela, Avah & Dal at Christmas. This is when the girls were talking with Santa (aka my Dad). So cute. I love Mayela's face in the first one. Priceless.

{7} Justin gets home tonight! yippeee!

{8} Here's my quote of the day. 

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Amy Nadeau said...

Oh Alison, your blog makes me smile!

Rachel and John said...

Love the quote! Happy Friday.

Jen said...

Ohh what a fun post! :)

Ria Thurston said...

Cute blog! Fun :-) Thanks for finding me. I am following you now too! Happy weekend... hope it's FABULOUS!

Suze said...

awe you have pink sperrys hehe. i hope you get to wear them out soon too. fleece sheets sound amazing. good luck teaching your class. emerson does have a cute vesty thingy. what fun cute pictures. yay for your man coming home today. you have a great weekend to look forward too!

Leigh said...

Such cute shoes! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Ahh! Love those shoes. I have a pair of Sperry's with the plaid on the side and I adore them.

Have a good weekend!

Kristin said...

Have a good weekend girlie!!

A Wedding Story said...

Fun! I just love Taylor Swift...her new CD is so good I listen to it ALL the time! Have a great weekend!

Monique said...

Those boat shoes are real cute! I know that you got this award before but couldn't resist to give it to you again {Stylish Blogger Award}. Your blog is just so fun!!