Freezing. Cold.


We had a nice uneventful weekend and I stayed in the house as much as possible because it was darn right cold. Brrr.

Saturday we said goodbye to Christmas and packed everything away for another year :::sniff::::
I also watched Jeff game online, They won 3-0! He may have gotten a fighting major and 13 minutes in penalties but who's really keep track right! Brother...

Then we had dinner and watched The Town with Ben Affleck. It was great, well worth the watch.
Then I climbed into bed and fell asleep before even taking my glasses off! haha.

Sunday Justin went to the Flames Skills Competition with Blake and Dustin. They go every year together and then go for lunch. This year they went to Lounge Burger.
Cruz and I froze our butts off walking and shoveling, actually let me rephrase that - Cruz had a fabulous time walking and shoveling. I on the other hand was freezing.

Then  I did Jillian Micheals Yoga Meltdown Level 1.
This was my first time doing this workout and it is has two 30 minute yoga workouts. In typical Jillian fashion each work out consists of 3 circuit sessions that are divided by a couple of sun salutations.This is NOT your typical yoga DVD. Jillian is tough! Throughout the workout she really focuses on holding ‘power poses’ for 15 to 30 seconds at a time and putting her own twist on common poses. And that woman loves a good chaturanga push up! There was a whole series of push ups thrown in there that had me dropping to my knees.
 Nothing was too challenging (besides the push ups) and the 30 segments were a bit too short to work up any sort of sweat so I am hoping the Level 2 is harder. I added my 10 minute abs to the end of it. :)

Then I cleaned the house. Ok so cleaning the blinds has been on my list of things to do for...a while now. I told myself for sure I'd do it over the holidays and I for sure did not.
So yesterday I decided I would tackle them. I did 2 sets out of 8. Boo. And it was a nightmare.
Who invented these blinds? Because I hate you.

Really. Did they think about what a pain in the patoutie it is to clean them? I think not. 
So this is what I did after 2 sets:

That's right, sat on the couch, ate Gran's Christmas cake, had a cup of tea and watched Keeping up with the Kardashian's. Yeah Smut TV at it's best.
Those other 6 sets are going to have to wait. A VERY LONG time.

Happy Monday. Stay warm, it is -25C here with the wind chill. That's -13F isn't it? Well it's cold.

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Leigh said...

Your weekend sounded a lot like mine! We took down our Christmas stuff on Saturday and Brian was gone on Sunday too. I took Harley for a walk and he was loving it, but my cheeks (face and butt!) were freezing! Is it spring yet?

I was thinking about buying the yoga dvd on Friday night, but didn't know how great it would be. So thanks for the review :)

Suze said...

What a low key weekend you had but it sounds good . Cleaning is never fun and im sure Cruz had more fun than you did shoveling ha ha. yay for jeffs team winning! hope you continue to stay warm! we have no school in the south bc us southerners don't know what to do when a snow storm hits LOL. sad but true! oh and whats in grans christmas cake?! share :))

Rachel and John said...

Oh so cold. So cold we have snow on the INSIDE of one of our windows. I think it might be leaky hey?

Megan said...

I totally need to clean my blinds...they are disgusting!! I just haven't gotten around to it!

amy (metz) walker said...

We are totally on the same brain frequency. I've got The Town rented...I'm currently giving dogs baths and cleaning, and I'm staying OUT of the cold. Great minds!

Thank goodness we don't have enough snow to shovel. Just sayin ;-)

Annie said...

the yoga dvd sounds intersting, might have to try it.
and like you, i hate cleaning blinds!! we have wooden ones and they are just as much of a pain to clean.
staying inside over the weekend would've been nice, it's been so cold in MN as well! this coming weekend i think i'll hibernate.

Michelle said...

Ha! I wondered about Jillian and 'yoga'! She is a beast and KILLS me with her constant push-up variety!!! Good for you for trying out so many different videos. Certainly the key to the hot bod! I love her...and hate her. IT's ok, I think we're still friends. ;)

Jessica said...

Didn't you love the movie The Town!? We ended up buying it because we like it so much. :)