Dear T-Swift...


Dear Taylor, 

I thought we were BFFs. I guess I was wrong.
I checked out your tour dates that you emailed me.
You aren't even coming to Calgary!? What's going on?
I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.
That's right you better pout.

I see you are going to Edmonton though. And Vancouver too.
Both for 2 days. I'm not gonna lie, that's burns a little.
That's fine if Calgary is too good for you but a simple text to tell me would have been nice.
Good thing I have a wonderful, handsome, charming, caring, smart, enchanting, strong, sweet husband that loves to make his wife happy and that wouldn't love anything more than to take his wife to the Edmonton show on August 18th or 19th as her early birthday present. Good thing. (Justin you reading?)
I'll get back to you on the state of our friendship. 
I need time to heal.

PS. Sending me tickets to either Edmonton show would help.


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Murdock's mama said...

This is too it! :)

Rebekah said...

Too funny!

Suze said...

Hope you get T-swift tickets for your birthday girlie!!!!

Logan said...

I love it!! I have an idea, will email later, but for now leave you guessing!! :)

Rachel and John said...

I KNOW! I was not happy when I found out either, How could she do this to us?!

Caroline said...

Love her. Fred's friend from college's husband is on tour with Taylor. He does the sound. I'm hoping that if she comes to Memphis that I can meet her.

Jessica said...

Girl, I saw TSwift in concert and it was a great show, that sucks she's not coming to your area! :/

Kristin said...

You crack me up lady. Hope you get to see her :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny AJ!!

Megan said...

Hahaha...this made me laugh!!