Brain dead

Well yesterday was my first day back to work and perhaps my brain wasn't ready!
I got to work first, which is pretty normal and went to de-activate our alarm and punched in the code for my parents house....great. And then to make matters worse I could not for the life of me remember the actual code. So the alarms were blarring, the lights were flashing in the pitch dark and there I was sitting on the floor fishing through my purse looking for my cheat sheet of 5,348 passwords I have. humph.
Anyways I finally got it turned off after I had to call the alarm system and try and remember my "verbal code" (because having a punch code just isn't enough!) and then calling the principal to say don't worry about that call you got from the alarm company - just me!
Oh well. The rest of the day was great, I registered 2 more cutie pie kids for our preschool so that is exciting! 
As I mentioned in a previous post Jolie was able to get down to visit Jeff over her holidays and I stole a few pictures from her facebook to share.

 Jeff with short hair! :)

Jolie with other hockey girlfriends!

What a good lookin' couple!

Miss you  both! Hope your leg is all better Brother.

Cruz & I had to have Justin at the aiport this morning bright and early for the lovely Winnipeg. Gooooin' a Winnipeg! {anyone remember that commercial? Mom will!}
Lucky guy right! My smartie pants hubby is out there training 8 employees from the Winnipeg office.

Did I mention (bad wife, should have mentioned this sooner) that when he was at the conference he went to in Las Vegas that he took 2 certification exams and passed both with 100% AND he is the only person in is office (maybe the entire company I can't remember) that has them. He also got a t-shirt that says CERTIFIED! That's right he's the smartest and he's Alllll mine. So proud. He's got the computer brains for for the both of us that's for sure.

Anyways - we miss him already. And I can't wait to get home to my Cruzie girl because this morning her tummy was not a happy tummy. It was grumbling so loud and actually making squishing and squirting sounds.... poor thing wouldn't even eat breakfast. :(

Happy Wednesday!

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Suze said...

I laughed so hard at the alarm company call, i'd do the same thing girl ! Glad everything turned out okay!!! You do have one smart husband, congrats passing all those exams whoababy! :) WOW. brudda does have SHORT hair ha ha but he and jolie are sooo cute together!!! hope you and cruz make it through without hubs next day or so (however long he'll be gone!)ill be thinking about y'all and sending good vibes for cruz's tummy to feel better :)

Rachel and John said...

Poor Cruz! I hope she's ok! And YAY for Justin! He's smart AND he builds garages. WIN

Caroline said...

OMG...I could not remember passwords either this week. I was brain dead too.

Hope Cruz is feeling better. She probably just needs her mommy.

Leigh said...

Haha that is hilarious about the alarm! Almost as bad as the time Harley set it off with his barking and the alarm company didn't believe I lived there because Harley was going nuts and I didn't know the verbal password!! Sorry to hear that Cruz isn't feeling well :(

Jessica said...

Congrats Justin!!!!

Jolie and Jeff look adorable together!

krink said...

They are too cute!