2nd Giveaway

On Tuesday night I prepped Chicken Taco Soup in the crock-pot and set it up yesterday morning to cook for Wednesday dinner. I first saw this recipe on Caroline's blog, then forgot about, then saw it on The New Black and remembered I really should make this seeing as Taco's are Justin's favorite meal.
(I had to omit all beans though because Justin doesn't eat any kind of bean other than jelly, I added mushrooms.)
Verdict: Amazing. I will totally make this again. It was super simple and we both thought it was great. Ours was spicy because I used Hot & Spicy Tomatoes but we like spice. If I were to make it for others, I probably would use regualar tomatoes.
It has beer in it too, couldn't really go wrong with taco and beer for my hubby!

We also made our own beef jerky last night!
I bought Justin a dehydrator for Chritmas last year and the box specifically said "Do not use this for over a year. It must sit in your basement and collect dust until it is ready for use". 
It was also in bold so we thought we better listen.
Alright so maybe it didn't say that but yes we finally used it and it turned out pretty darn good for our first try and made up recipe! :) Once we find some 'liquid smoke' it will be divine.
I can't wait to dry up some apples, kiwis, cranberries and blueberries too!! :)

Ok moving on to...
2nd Giveaway! Whoo hoo!

Today's giveaway is hosted by Go Headbands from Scarlett Craft.

I bought one of her headbands and I love it. It stays in place and looks good too. Very important detail right! Here's mine in action in beautiful British Columbia this past summer.

Her website states:
GUARANTEED special tech fabric will keep sweat away from your face while exercising.  Because of the plastic band sewn into the front, they never slip!   You will find these so comfortable and functional they will amaze you.
GO HEADBANDS are great for running, cycling, yoga, pilates, and cardio workouts.  Wear them under a helmet while you are cycling.  Is it cold in the morning?  They can be folded over the ears on top of earbuds.

SO One lucky follower will win their choice of Go Headband!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Reflective one: 

Run Eat Repeat:

Runner Mom:

To enter:

1 (mandatory) be a follower of my blog, go check out Go Headbands and come back and tell me what your favorite Go Headband is!
(1 extra) blog about this giveaway and come back and tell me.

Good luck! I will announce the winner on Monday in honor of my Dad's birthday!
[open to US and Canada]
::::: Also to ALL of my followers she is offering FREE shipping (to the US & Canada). Just use this promo code: "justfinish":::::
Thank you Kat!
PS. She also has en Etsy Shop here

Double PS. Last day to enter my 1st giveaway here! I will annouce the winner tomorrow!

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Adorably Distracted... said...

Ok... I follow, and I blogged about the giveaway.. and my favorite issssssss the slate blue! Sooo cute! I can't wait to win lol jk.... but seriously :)

Leigh said...

Of course I am already a follower :) I like the moss green one or the run eat repeat. If she had a 13.1 one I would definitely buy it!

Rachel and John said...

I love the one in your BC pictures but I didn't see that on her website. So I pick the first one you posted! I have a feeling that I'm going to be one of those super sweaty women in labour, you know the ones with their hair stuck all over their face? Ya...this headband would help me keep the hair off my face. Much better!
And you know I follow you!

Whitney said...

I'm not a blogger (I know tisk tisk) but I do follow your blog (of course). :) So my fave band is the dark navy underarmour and I'm going to post on my FB status the headband website since I can't blog about it!! Yayy for giveaways!!

krink said...

hmmmmm... I may need to get me one!

krink said...

Oh forgot to mention... you must give me the taco recipe... Troy will love it I'm sure! And great minds think alike as I also used my crockpot last night for dinner :D
P.S. you niece says hi!

Ashley said...

I am a follower and I think the Illuminite Reflective Narrowed Headband is super cute!! But I also like the black narrow one too!! Great Give-away!!

Annie said...

i am going to have to try this chicken taco soup, it sounds so good! and how awesome you made your own beef jerkey, i love jerkey! it's addicting ;)

Jessica said...

Mmm, that chicken taco soup sounds amazing. ;)
Yay for your first giveaway!!
I love the headband you have on in that picture actually. Haha

Rebekah said...

I've made Taco Soup, but never Chicken taco soup! Liquid smoke is awesome in certain things!

Megan said...

Yummmm, that taco soup sounds absolutely delish!

Murdock's mama said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the reflective one!! & of course I'm a follower...your blog rocks! :)

Adrian said...

Super cute headbands! I love the desert rose colored one, and the Just Finish ones, those are perfect for me when I run haha!

Taco soup sounds interesting, I might have to try it out!

edmontonjb said...

I follow with GFC and my favorite go headband is the run eat repeat black