What I'm loving today!


Oh my goodness this morning has been nothing shy of totally and ultimately crazy.
After all the craziness subsided I proceeded to go the kitchen and eat 6 hershey's kisses and took 2 for my office drawer. Have you tried the candy cane kisses? My mom bought them on Sunday and now they are in the kitchen here. They are delicious. I CANNOT believe it is only 10:00am. This morning has been BA-nanas yo.

Anyways on to what I am loving:

(1) I'm loving that on Sunday, Mom, Dad, Justin and I will be going to see this pretty lady in concert!
We are all SO excited.

We have had the tickets for what seems like AGES so it is finally here!

Can't wait and I will for sure let you know how it was and how amazing she was and looked.
Pretty sure Justin is hoping she will wear the above jean shorts!

(2) I'm loving that Friday is my last day of work for 17 days, but who's counting! :)

(3) I'm loving that things have worked out for my brother in Columbus for the time being.
(4) I'm loving that Jolie will be with Jeff in 12 days. A little jealous but glad he will have her over the holidays. I miss them both in enormous amounts!

(5) I'm loving that Justin is reconnecting with an old friend. You know it was a great friendship when after years of not being in contact, you can just pick up where you left off. I love this. It makes my heart happy.

(6) I'm loving that in the grande scheme of things life is pretty perfect around here.
My job makes me so thankful for the life I live, the family I have to support me, the health of my family and friends and our overall happiness.
This morning has been a real eye opener and I just wish I had the power to make things 'pretty perfect' for the families we support. Breaks my little heart sometimes.
You know it's been a crazy day when you have cried happy tears and sad tears all before 10:00am AT your JOB with co-workers!
Anyways I am going to post about my happy tears maybe tomorrow because it is a pretty fantastic story.  I love happy endings!

Off I go. Have a great day! xo

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Ashley said...

Jealous of that concert!! I hope you have a blast (we all know you will)
Can't wait to hear about the happy ending story! I love happy ending too, especially around this time of the year!

I love chocolate kisses too and have a whole candy jar sitting in front of me on my desk, staring at me! I have been soo good!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Have SO much fun at the Carrie concert!

Suze said...

I'm rather jealous your going to the carrie concert but then again im not allowed to go anywhere with my sickness! so have fun for me!

I wanna hear about the happy ending , dont make me beg , although im good at it ha!

I love kisses too! soo yummy and addicting!

that is so neat about J connecting with an old friend! so sweet! i cant wait to hear about that!
oh and yay for time off from work! we have got to catch up ! ;)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love this! have fun at the concert!!!

Rachel and John said...

John also LOVES carrie. I think it's cute! Lucky that you get to go to the concert!

Can't wait to hear about the happy tears!

Jessi said...

I think ALL men love Carrie...heck, I think I love Carrie.

Have fun! That'll be great!

-Sam I Am- said...

soooo jealous you get to see Ms. Underwood!!!

she is my favorite :)
Have sooo much fun and take lots and lots of photos!

Ms. J said...

So jealous you are seeing Carrie!! LOVE her!

Jessica said...

I hope you share the story about your happy tears, it sounds like you have a very impacting job!

Have fun seeing Carrie! It's gonna be awesome.

Venassa said...

Ooh I've seen her in concert and she is amazing. You'll have a blast.
Never heard of those Hershey's kisses but they sound like something I'd love. I must look them up.
It's nice to read about someone who's so happy with their life. Looking forward to hearing the happy tears story.

Leslie said...

I'm so jealous you're going to see Carrie!! That's going to be an amazing concert!!

star said...

So jealous you are going to see Carrie in concert! Have fun!