Top 2 Tuesday!

Hello! We are back! And we had an incredible little vacation.
We enjoyed shows, amazing meals, lots of shopping, many laugh and just enjoyed being together for 3 fun filled days. But we were happy to get home to our own bed and most of all to see Cruz. We missed her SO much but she had a great vacation herself with Grandma & Grandpa. 2 of her all time favorite people!

I will do a Las Vegas post but I am just not that organized yet! So on to:

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Ornaments!

{1} I love our photo Christmas ornaments.

This is Cruzie's 1st Christmas one from Grandma & Grandpa.

Our Engagement one.

Our Wedding.

{2} Our tree's color theme is Silver & Black & Sparkles but we have a few 'others' thrown in there.
Lots of Justin's fire fighting ornaments.

And this was my newest from my "slipper mail" from Mom and I luuuuv it - a silver shoe!

And my ALL TIME favorite one still lives on Mom and Dad's tree and it is my very first Christmas ball!

In other news, Cruz got her Christmas collar in the mail just before I left for Vegas.
She loves it.
She was showing off to all the people we met on our walk that day, strutting her stuff.
It is from Stylin' Pup Pillows. Etsy of course, I love it.
And she sent delicious treats with it that Cruz devoured.
We will be repeat customers for sure! Super fast shipping (even to Canada!) and amazing price!
This is what it looks like but Cruz's has a black border!

And I am participating in this!
Everyone loves a new pair of mittens!


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Caroline said...

Love all of the ornaments. I love putting pictures in and watching our family grow/change. Love Cruz's new collar. Knox needs a good winter one. I may have to check Etsy out!

Tami said...

Cruz's ornament is adorable!

Helena said...

Wow, what awesome ornaments! I love the pictures, and the firefighter one is fantastic.

I'm visiting from Top Two Tuesday.

Annie said...

i love cruz's collar! too cute!! now i want to get gussy a fun christmas collar.
the ornaments are all awesome, i really like picture ornaments.
i still have my first ornament from 1983 ;) looks very similar to yours.

Ashley said...

Love the ornaments, especially the fire fighter one. That is a good gift idea for my hubby!! Thanks!

Suze said...

Tee hee i have a shoe ornament too! I love your glass one so pretty!!!! diggin' cruzie's new christmasy collar :) hope your havin a fab day friend!

Jessica said...

Aww, love all your ornaments! I really should get one for Bodie. :)

Kit said...

Oh I love them! :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love your picks!