Superstar, I mean my brother & Top 2

Before bed last night I checked my email and Jeff sent us these 2 pictures and I love them to bits.
They made me miss him ten thousand times more than I already do...but love them.
Have I ever mentioned that I am so proud of him?
Well I am. He's the guy who moved away from all his family and friends 4 years ago to pursue his dreams and go to school millions of miles away. This girl would never do such a thing. I'm a huge baby and home body. And now this year he's been bopped state to state and the whole time he has held his head high, fought for himself and the whole time proven what an amazing head he's got on his shoulders.
He's not just a pretty face that one! Not just a hat rack either!
I am pretty sure I would have just packed my bags and headed home. Not my brother.
And now look how handsome he looks in action!
Love you brother!

Now onto my Top 2 Favorite Christmas Memories with the sweet Taylor.

{1} Christmas Eve & Morning
I have talked about our Christmas eve before but I also love our Christmas morning/day. We get up, we all open gifts/stockings one at a time, (Justin leaves here to go have breakfast with Debbie & Crystal), we go for a Christmas Day walk, have brunch - then I go meet up with Justin's family.
My favorite memory of when we were little was when Jeff and I would sleep in the same bed at whoever's house Christmas was at and wake up SUPER early and sometimes sneak out to peek to make sure Santa came and then quietly discuss if it was late enough to go wake up the rest of the family. 5am always seemed like the perfect time! 
And stockings were always my favorite time!

{2} When Santa called us. 
Yup he sure did. We were at the lake for Christmas. At Uncle Ken and Aunty Cathy's. I don't remember how old we were but it was super cool. I remember Jeff and I were really excited. :)

Happy Tuesday! 
Justin's last day of work! Yeah!
I am off to make dog treats and then I have the day with the Lily monster!

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    L0veLindsey said...

    Omg I'm in love with your header!! So cute.. Have a great Christmas.. hopefully you get to see your bro!!

    Suze said...

    teehee he is a superstar. i'll be visiting in february. just saying. good luck making doggie treats!

    Logan said...

    Yay!! Jeff!! Looking pretty good! Ok Great!! Have a Merry Christmas!! Aj Santa really called?? Ummm we may have to disscuss this more as I might have a couple of girls who would be jumping off the walls if Santa called!! We got letters from Santa!!

    Leigh said...

    Hope you have a great day with Lily! :)

    Rachel and John said...

    Please please post the recipe for the dog treats!!

    Kristin said...

    Opening stockings is my favorite!

    Holly said...

    Those are seriously cool photos!

    I'd have been excited as a kid too, if Santa had phoned me! :)

    Jessica said...

    So excited for your brother!

    My fave part is the stockings too. We were always allowed to open those whenever we wanted and didn't have to wait for the family to wake up. :)

    Debby said...

    That is why Ryan chose Jeff as his hockey hero. He is determined, goes after his dreams and has a huge heart. Ryan will always have a wonderful person to look up to. Merry Christmas to all of you.

    Annie said...

    how awesome!!!! :) followed his dreams and he achieved them!! so super cool :)
    and stockings are always fun to open!! you never know what you're gonna get!!