:::Little bit of love for the brother:::

Well Thursday is upon us. Today I just want to send a little note out to my brother.
I miss him and he needs some good wishes sent his way.
So everyone - send some happy, good vibes over to the brother for me. Thanks.
I wish I could give him a big hug.

 and just tell him:

and to:

Because no matter what YOU are great.
And personally I think the hockey league he is in is crazy, cut-throat and complicated.
Hells bells!
Anyways just hang in there bud.
Always remember:


I am very much looking forward to my lunch date with my SIL Crystal and my sweet niece Emerson.
I feel like I haven't seen them in ages and miss them lots.
Can't wait for a quick cuddle with this cutie.
I just love those chubby cheeks!

And I just want to thank all my new and old followers.
Thank you for reading and all your sweet comments.
They make me a happy lady.

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Logan and Kiddies said...

Oh Jeff!! Sending all our good vibes your way!! If you weren't so far away we could send some cookies!! They always make a person feel better!!

Caroline said...

You are such a sweet sister and SIL. Your niece is adorable!

Jessi said...

What an adorable niece!

And you must be on great sister. Very sweet post!

I'll try and send my good energy to your brother.

Leigh said...

Aw sending out positive thoughts to your brother! Hope you have a great lunch date :)

Jessica said...

Your niece is beautiful, and many happy thoughts to your brother!! :)

Suze said...

Emerson is soooo cute and makes me smile! sending prayers up for Jeff and good vibes of course , boo for hockey peeps being not so nice , im assuming more hockey drama :/ tell em' keep on keepin' on as what my papa would say!