List of 4's!

Kristin tagged me in this "List of Fours" game!
Kristin is a super sweet blogger who loves her Frappy like we love our Cruzie! If you haven't checked her out, you must!
AND Suze also tagged me in this. Check her our too, she has the biggest heart.
Thank you girls.
Now on to:

List of Fours

1. Four shows that you watch:
- Biggest Loser
- Modern Family
- Survivor
- The Buried Life

2. Four things you are passionate about:
- Justin & Cruz
- My family & friends
- My job
- Working out


3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:
- Cruzie girl
(I talk to her a lot. I'm always like, "should we do laundry now Cruzie girl?", "ok, we are going upstairs now Cruzie girl"... like she really cares what I am saying!)
- What the crap!?
- You betcha.
(I say this at work all the time)
- "Good morning/afternoon New Heights School Alison speaking".
(and yes, sometimes at 2pm it's still Good morning in my world!)

4. Four things you've learned from the past:
- If someone doesn't treat you right they are not worth having in your life.
- The past makes you who you are today.
- Don't leave your boots on top of Cruz's kennel. She will eat them.
- Pick your battles wisely, some things are just not worth worrying about.
5. Four places you would like to go:
- Greece
- Rome
- Any beautiful beach

6. Four things you did yesterday:
- Day 3 of Insanity.
- Wrapped 2 gifts for our secret santa game.
- 3 loads of laundry.
- Watched Survivor with Justin, Cruz, Mom, Dad & Ripken.

7. Four things you are looking forward to:
- Christmas break.
- Seeing my brother in May-ish.
- Summer.
- Having babies!

8. Four things you love about Winter:
- Cruz playing in the snow.
- Hot, yummy drinks.
- Scarves & Mittens.
- Warm fires.

9. Tag 4 people to play along:
- Leigh over at All You Needs is Love
- Al over at Traffic Jelly
- Jessi over the The Juici Life
- Lauren at Life with a Lab

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Suze said...

Sooo i will be seeing you in mayish too since your going to the see the bro ha ha i can only wish :) you got lots to look fwd to! mittens and scarves plus hot fires are a must in the winter ;) you got some great phrases to share and live by mmmhm. im taking them down!

Jessica said...

I'm with you, any beautiful beach would be amazing right now. Let's go. :)

Kristin said...

awww thanks for the sweet introduction on your post!! I can't wait til you start having babies!! you should start soon :)

Leigh said...

Thanks for the tag :) I'm playing along tomorrow

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh... I just HAD to comment on that pic of your pup with his head in the snow - HUUHLARIOUS!! My doggies have never even seen snow; it'd be so fun to see how they'd react to it!!

Whitney said...

Very fun! You can visit me in NYC anytime!