Happy the day before Christmas eve day!

Hello! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas. I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas eve! Holy smokes.

Today's post is going to be super random. 
  •  A big thank you to Grampa & Chris for their Christmas gift they sent us. They bought it through World Vision and in our name we are supporting Street Children. Perfect gift! Thank you again, we are so happy with it. 
  • Good luck tonight Jeff! Kick some Augusta butt.
  • We hosted dinner last night for Debbie, Crystal & Troy (AND Emerson of course). I went all out with a super gourmet meal of Tacos. That's right, I even has soft AND hard shells. Such class I know! :) Just look at Emerson's cuteness. 
Cruz always looking out for her cousin.
Isn't she the cutest with the antlers from Aunty Alison!
Beautiful Blues!
She is into blowing spit bubbles now!
  • We received a GREAT email from our friends we met in Cuba (and stood up for at their wedding in Cuba!). They took their first payment into the adoption agency and they are now 'clients'! We are over the moon happy for them and know they will be scooped up in no time.
  • I received a beautiful bracelet from Lily and her family for Christmas. It is a Links of London charm bracelet. I couldn't get a great picture of mine on the red but here's another from a website. I love it.
  • I finished the book House Rules by Jodi Picoult and it was amazing. Loved it. Read it.
  • I received my mittens from Megs Mitten Swap and I adore them! Thank you Venassa! They have been on many Cruz walks now and my hands are happy!
  • Doesn't look like Nana will be out of the hospital for Christmas so I am very sad about that but hopefully when she does get out she will be SUPER strong! And ready for one last bout of chemo and then back to her regular self. We miss her.
  • I made a few more Chrismas Tree pictures. One for Mom, Debbie & Crystal.

That's it, that's all. Did I bore you enough?
Happy Thursday everyone! 
Enjoy your last day before Chritmas eve day! 

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krink said...

Oh My Gosh I love those pics from last night!!! They're soooo great! And thanks again for having us for dinner, and for all the great gifts! I also have to tell you that Emerson wears her Flames touque almost everyday, and is currently out for a walk with her papa wearing it. So thank you!

Suze said...

You did not bore me silly girl! i loved the bracelet Lilly gave you soo cute! Emerson i could just pinch those cheeks, cant wait til i have my own niece to dress up like you do with emerson he he! I'm praying for your nana ,hope she gets to come home soon!!!! christmas tree pix's are amazing! i want to do something like that! I wish i'd known about the mitten ordeal , i'd be all up in that! how did you find that out?!!

Leigh said...

It doesn't feel like Christmas at all yet! Maybe because I have to work until tomorrow :( Hope you have a great Christmas!

Logan said...

Go Jeff Go!! Good Luck!!
Emerson - really you could stop growing and looking so adorable!! ok maybe just slow the growing down, your too cute and Dal misses you!!
That's a nice bracelet!! How cute of Lily!
Please give hugs to your Nana for us, we are thinking of her!!

Michelle said...

Aww! Thanks for the shout out! We are thrilled that we are finally going to have a family!!! We hope you, Justin, and Cruz have a wonderful Christmas season! Love to you guys!! xo