Guest posting & Happy New Years!


Hey there! 
Well we are home from the lake and we have a very tired dog. 
She loves the lake in any state - frozen, freezing, water, sunshine, hot - whatever she is SO happy.
There is no doubt that it is FOR SURE her favorite place.

Today I was asked to Guest Post for Suze over at Just Sayin' while she is away visiting family. 
I know, me guest posting on some one else's blog, who would have thought? Not I says Alison.
Anyways, Suze is super sweet so come check me out -------> here and learn a little more about what you can do if you visit around my neck of the woods!

And I just wanted to say a HUGE Happy New Year to all 83 of my amazing followers, family and friends who visit. You are all so special to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time to visit me our blog each day and for your wonderful comments. I love this blog and love that I have met so many great people, connect photos and stories with family, friends and YOU. 

So here's to 2011! 

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Leigh said...

Fun guest post! I think you mentioned all really good things to do. Hope you have a great NYE!

Caitrin said...

Happy New Year!!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Heading over to read your guest post now!! Happy New Year Alison! :)

Debby said...

Happy New Year to our dear friends in Calgary from New York.