Fun Fridays!

This weekend we have a lot going on but I am looking forward to every minute of it.

Today at work we did a Cookie exchange! I agreed to this when there was only 4 of us interested. There ended up being 12 of us. Yes that means I had to make 11 dozen cookies! I made Justin fav, chewy double chocolate chip.
And now I will have 11 dozen different ones in return. Great because that means I don't have to do any baking, but 11 dozen? Seriously!? That's too many. Oh well. Tis the season!
{1} Tonight we have our staff Christmas party.
We are a small private school so we don't do anything extravagant.
We do a potluck of appies and sweets at a staff members house and do a Chinese Gift exchange. They are always fun. :)

{2} Saturday morning we have my high school girl friends and their hubby's or BF's coming over for Brunch. I don't know why I call them my 'high school' gf's since many of them have been my friends since the third grade but anyways!
We are doing a potluck and what you bring has to be red or green for our Christmas theme! :)
I am in charge of drinks. Not too sure how to make coffee red or green but I am also doing Asti Champagne with pomegranates and pom juice with green sugared rims on the glasses... Any other ideas for me?

{3} Then Saturday in the afternoon Leigh, Mr. D & Harley are coming for a visit.
Harley is getting so big so quick so I need to get some puppy cuddles in quick!

{4} Saturday night we are just going to have a low key night with Cruz.
We missed her while we were gone so it will be nice to just spend time at home, catch up on shows & have a fire with the Christmas tree on!

{5} Sunday I have the day with Lily.
Not too sure what we have up our sleeve this weekend but you can bet walking Cruz will be part of it! :) 

Lastly if anyone else LOVES candles like me in the winter (and Justin is even letting me burn them now, the fireman in him was always a little stressed) PLEASE go check out Taylor's blog. She has started up her own little candle business to help over the cost of her chemotherapy treatments. They are all a soy blend and colorless and she seriously has like 100 scents. She has the prices and list of scents on her blog. Please go support her.
Sending you lots of luck and love Taylor!

I hope everyone has a really great weekend! 15 days until Christmas!

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Leigh said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Cruz tomorrow! Ps- can you email me or text me your address? :)

Suze said...

mmm cookies! and christmas party tonight with more sweets , you might be walking out of there gaining 10 pds i kid i kid :) i wish i could taste my food for once! a fun day with lily and brunch with you high school 'gfs' what fun! my suggestion for red would be strawberry daquirris or margarita ha or deep red wine ha . i dont know much on green sorry! have a fun action packed weekend i'll be spending it taking it easy so im not sick during christmas!

Mrs. Awesome said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Thank you so so much for blogging about the candles! Have a fun weekend!!

Jen said...

What a fun weekend! I went to a cookie swap last weekend and had a blast!

Jessica said...

Your potluck sounds like fun! Asti champagne is one of my faves, it's gonna be delicious. :)