Day 9 - Holiday Recipe! & What I'm Loving!


Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe.

My all-time favorite baking belongs to family members.
They do it best!
Gran Christmas Cake.
Nana's sandwich cookies & caramels.
Mom's shortbreads, rum balls & Brie.
Aunty Cathy's butter tarts.

I starting making this a couple years and it has been a hit since and super easy to boot!

Chocolate Cookie Bark:

What You Need:
1 pkg. (8 squares) Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate
1 pkg. (6 squares) Baker's White Chocolate
2 Tbsp.
Smooth Peanut Butter
10 Oreo Cookies

Make It:

PLACE semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate in separate medium microwaveable bowls. Microwave until completely melted, following directions on package. Add peanut butter to white chocolate; stir until well blended. Crumble half the cookies over chocolate in each bowl; mix well.

DROP spoonfuls of the chocolate mixtures onto waxed paper-covered baking sheet, alternating the colors of the chocolates. Swirl gently with knife.

REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm. Break into 14 pieces. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

What I'm Loving MOST is that I leave today at 6:30pm for Vegas to meet my handsome husband. I'm trying very hard to work right now I am certain.

I'm loving that Cruz is spending the next 5 days with my wonderful Mom and Dad. We are so glad we have them as the best grand-daughter sitters and Cruzie just loves being with them.

I'm loving that Justin is going to think I am THE BEST wife because last night as soon as I found out the Victoria's Secret fashion show was on, I ran downstairs and recorded it for him.

Oh yeah and I'm loving that I leave for Vegas in T-10 hours! 

Have a lovely Wednesday! :)

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Leigh said...

Is that recipe from Kraft? I think I've made something similar and it was pretty tasty!

Have so much fun in Vegas!!

Suze said...

Have fun in vegas lady!

VS show was great however i feel like i cant eat for a month ha ha!

Caroline said...

That bark looks amazing! Have fun in Vegas! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Molly said...

That recipe sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Have so much fun on your trip, I'm jealous!

Rachel and John said...

I loved Vegas and I bet you will too!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

That looks so good! I may have to try this!! :)

Ahh, bet 5 dollars for me!! Haha!

Kit said...

Chocolate bark is my favorite!

Jessica said...

You are a great wife, I didn't even know the VS show was on last night! Haha

Have fun in Vegas!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

How so much fun in Vegas!

kebowman said...

thanks for the recipe!!!! so glad i found your blog! I'm now your newest follower! :)