Day 11 - New Years Resolution


Day 11: New Year Resolutions

I have never really MADE a New Years Resolution list, I set goals throughout the year but not specifically for the New Year.

Last year on January 3rd - I started "Insanity" and this year I am going to do it again!
TODAY! I was going to start it in January. But I need it NOW!
 So starting after work, Shawn T will be kicking my butt.
Until February 6th, 2011!

I should have already started it but my thumb caused a disruption in "the plan". How dare it.
So that really is my only plan. Not really a resolution but a plan. I like to have a plan.
Basically I want to get back into the shape I was in after completing Insanity last year and maintain in.
Easy peasy right! :)
This also means I will have a date with this guy 6 days a week. Fine with me. :)

It is also in "the plan" to replace Justin's car with this.

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