Christmas overload!


Hello! It feels like I haven't posted in for-ever!
Christmas comes and goes far too quickly though don't you think?
Well we had a incredible couple of Christmas days.
It was definitely a different Christmas seeing as we didn't have the entertainment that my brother always puts on and Nana was still in the hospital so we were down two on our team but we still came out with a win.

Christmas eve my MIL Debbie joined us which was great.
We talked to my brother and he serenaded us with his token kareokee song "Whiskey Girl" because he didn't want us missing out on not hearing it this year just because he was away! Brother.
And my Dad also made a call to my cousins kids Mayela and Avah and WAS Santa. He was great. The girls LOVED it and both of them talked to Santa. :)
The rest of the evening we chatted, enjoyed cocktails, played Bowling on the Wii, Karaoke-ed far too late and as always consumed far too many calories. Approximately 28, 398 I think.

Why I only took pictures of mainly the dogs, I don't know. But anyways! 
Here's Rowdy in her 3 collars. She is possessive of her collars!

Cruzie and all Rowdy's toys
Game of Tug
Rippers cuddling with Justin

Chritsmas day we opened our mountain of gifts, everyone was spoiled as always.  Gesh.
And then we went to Debbie's and met up with Crystal, Troy and Emerson for more gift opening! 
Emerson and her bumbo from us.

She is just too darn cute and was SO spoiled!!!
Then we went and saw Nana in the hospital.

She is still there now and we are hoping she will get out in the new year. 
2011 will be a better year for her. 

We are currently at the lake with Mom and Dad. It has been wonderful. So peaceful and beautiful. We have been busy with walks on the lake, snow shoeing, snowmobiling and as expecting eating and drinking!
More on that to come.
We leave tomorrow morning.  
Anyways hope everyone is enjoying themselves and recuperating from the holidays! :)

Hugs -

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Rachel and John said...

Looks like a great Christmas!Enjoy the Lake!

Suze said...

First things first, seriously santa was good to y'all and WII bowling is the best hands down and kareoke is way cool too. I'm LOVING all those pictures. Also, i have to say what lake is in canada?! fill me in! Glad you're having fun! Miss you! Hope you got my christmas/new year card AND check your email ha ha we have SO much to catch up on as my dad is fighting the flu at the moment ha!

Caitrin said...

My family and I enjoyed some fun Wii time on Christmas too! Have fun at the lake!

Ellen said...

looks like you had a great time - get well nana xxx

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

love the pajamas!!!!!

Leigh said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas :) Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time at the lake :)

krink said...

Oh my god Emerson totally looks like she's filling her drawers in that first pic!!! Thanks for posting those pics! Good to see you guys had a great time at Ken and Kaths. *hugs*