The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.


Hello lovelies!
Well we had a great weekend!
Relaxing and also full of fun.

Saturday we went and saw Nana in the hospital before her reconstructive surgery (which went great yesterday by the way! yeah!). Now she just needs to get strong enough to be out by Christmas. Finger and toes crossed.

Saturday night we went to Hana Sushi with Justin's childhood friends. It was so nice because everyone was able to be there and so it was reall nice to catch up.

Then we swung by the house, picked up Cruz and headed over to Blake and Karen's annual Christmas Party. Lots of laughs and good times as per usual.

This was a shirt that came with a bottle of Captain Morgan's Justin received as a gift. 
It came in a little puck shape and 'supposedly' is a large. Justin proved it sure is not!

Cruzie enjoying the party!
Karen makes THE BEST Mulled Wine, as soon as she send me the recipe I will share. 
So warm and delicious!

We didn't get our butts home until 3am! Geesh, pretty sure I am too old for that!
Needless to say, we ALL slept in and even I napped that afternoon and I never nap.\

Then Sunday night we went for dinner at Lounge Burger with Mom and Dad before the CARRIE concert.
Lounge Burger was delish, all different sorts of burgers.
Justin had Elk, Me Tiger Shrimp, Mom Blue Cheese and Dad South Western. Yum.
Then we were off to the concert. Eeeek!

Billy Currington opened for her and he was great. He has some really fantastic songs and some that I didn't even realize were him! (Like People are Crazy, Pretty Good at Drinking Beer, Must be doin' somethin' right and Let me down easy). So that was a nice surprise.

And then Carrie took the stage. wow.

She was incredible. She put on an awesome show. 

Before I tell you anything else - her SHOES were fabulous. She wore 5 different pairs, all 5 inch heals, one pairs of over the knee boots and they were all sparkly and wonderful. (Gran I thought of you!) But seriously I would like one of each please Carrie, thank you.

Anyways - she made 8 wardrobe changes, sang all the best songs, her stage was amazing and constantly changing. She swung on a swing, toured the Saddledome in the back on a blue pick-up truck and even brought the Grand Ole Opry stage to Calgary with a duet with Randy Travis (via the screen). 
It was clear when she was just talking to the crowd that she has a bad cold but as soon as she started belting out her songs you couldn't tell at all. And yes she looked great.

Today I finshed this wreath I started.
It's just boas wrapped around a Styrofoam wreath and then I added some silver balls.

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Leslie said...

ahhh!! The Carrie concert sounds amazing! And I LOVE shoes.. so I wish I could've seen all of her fabulous pairs!
I love your feather wreath! It turned out so great!

Mom said...

A boa that's a novel idea.....can't wait to see it tonight.

Kristin said...

You are one lucky lady getting to see Carrie in concert!

Jessica said...

I am in love with your wreath! So pretty!

Glad you had fun at the Carrie Underwood concert, I'm dying to see her.

Rachel and John said...

Pretty Wreath! I love Lounge Burger! We always go there before we go to the Saddle dome!

krink said...

The wreath looks great! I saw something similar to your wreath on a show once, only they did white or grey boas, and they did it around a wire wreath with white lights in it. Something to think about trying maybe?

Caroline said...

Fun weekend. I love Carrie. She is so gorgeous. I read that she wears tall shoes like that because she's short. And I love the wreath. So cute!!

Leigh said...

Love how your wreath turned out! I've never heard of Lounge burger...We might just have to check it out :)

Annie said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend girly!!
i'm sure carrie was amazing!!! i would love to see her in concert!!
i love the wreath!!! how simple, yet unique!!

Molly said...

What an amazing weekend! I've seen Carrie twice and loved her both times!

Nice job on the wreath. Cute!!

Suze said...

First things first, that is clearly an Elf quote :) secondly , love the boa wreath. thirdly, carrie looked a-mazing , so jealous you got to go hear her in concert . fourthly, yes that is indeed not a large shirt J has on ha ha. Fifthly, your card is in the mail so hopefully it'll be there SOON :) Sixthly, hope you've got your shopping done ! XX

JB said...