What I'm loving!


Well - Yesterday I didn't get to "What I'm Loving Wednesday" and since there is no blog challenge today because of Thanksgiving in the states I thought I would do this today!

So What I'm Loving Thursday it is!

I'm loving the sweet boy from our Primary Class that walked in to my office this morning and said "Wow Mrs. Black you've never been looking better!". Pretty sure he heard it on a movie but it made me smile!

I'm loving this weather change! It is so much warmer and makes walking Cruz much more enjoyable. Normally I love my walks with Cruz morning and afternoon but this past week - I have loathed them. It was SO darn cold. Today we did an extra loop just to celebrate the chinook.

I'm loving our house guests. They are too fun and have made it a much more exciting week! Dal's smile is priceless. And Mayela has been saying the funniest things. During bath time she said "Aunty Alison, it's ok if you don't have kid toys for the bath. You can just go down to the kitchen and get us a bunch of plastic things!". That I did. Who knew you could have so much fun with a strainer and measuring cups!

I'm loving that one week from today I will be in Las Vegas. Hopefully jumping in a cab and saying "Please take me to Target driver!" and then meeting up with Justin when his conference is over will of course be the highlight!

I'm loving that Gran told me about a special on TV tonight on Taylor Swift!

I'm loving that Justin and I are turning our house into Christmas on Saturday night! I love love love our house at Christmas.

I'm loving the book "House Rules". If I could sit and read it all day I would. I look forward to bed time so I can read.

Of course I am absolutely loving my incredible Justin, Cruz and whole family. Good luck on your game tonight Jeff.
Miss you immensely!

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Leigh said...

So jealous that you will be in Vegas and shopping at Target in a week! Can I come in your suitcase? ps- I meant to mention...the sandals that Cruz chewed on...I have both pairs. Depending on your foot size, you can borrow them if you want :)