What I'm loving!


{1} I'm loving that Nana is home from the hospital. :) And I'm loving all the support my Mom and Dad have been to her this past month by having her stay with them. The best - yes they are!

{2} I'm loving our garage. I could just hug it. But that's tricky so I will hug the builder!

{3} I'm loving that tomorrow is a day off!

{4} I'm loving that 3 weeks from today I will be leaving on a jet plane to Las Vegas to meet up with Justin for 4 days! More on that to come.

{5} I'm loving my husband for all the work he does around our house.

{6} I'm loving Cruzie cuddles on the floor on nights that she is just zonked. 

{7} I'm loving all my wonderful followers! All 66 of you, wow. Thank you! And my incredible family & friends that keep tabs on my blog too. I love that. Gran always sends me sweet emails about what posts she loved, asking WHY I didn't blog on the weekend, etc. I love it! :)

{8} I'm loving that I have a surprise for Justin Saturday afternoon and then we are babysitting Emerson!

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Just the Two of US said...

I wanna go to Vegas!! So jealous!!! Have fun!!

Rachel and John said...

Nice! Can't wait to hear all about the suprise you have in store!

Michelle said...

Going to Vegas? How exciting!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

Kristin said...

Yay for Vegas!! How fun!

Suze said...

Thrilled your Nana is home from the hospital and you get a day off tomorrow ! Lucky you girl! you deserve it! :) Have fun in vegas, lucky duck :)

Jessica said...

Jealous you have tomorrow off!!