:::::What I am loving:::::


{1} I'm loving that Cruz and I are going for a run tonight with my blog friend Leigh and meeting her in real life! Eek I can hardly wait (except I have to go to the dentist before that. poop.)

{2} I'm loving that I got this bad boy to replace my old splint. 

Stunning isn't it. Don't be jealous.
It is SO much easier though. I only have to wear the old splint for workouts now! Whoop whoop!
But I have a nasty 'sleeping' splint that I have to wear to bed that pulls my thumb into a thumbs up position. Ouchers.

{3} I'm loving that my sweet cousin sends me pictures each week that make me smile and laugh.

Pooh is NOT happy! But is darn cute!

{4} I'm loving that we have a date set to baby-sit Emerson! Date night for Mom and Dad Dick!

{5} I'm loving that Whit introduced me to Tetley Earl Grey Vanilla tea. Best thing ever. It almost tastes as good as the Earl Grey Tea lattes with sugar free vanilla at Starbucks. Almost. But don't tell Starbucks I said so.

{6} I'm loving Taylor Swift's new song "Last Kiss". And I don't believe that there is anything wrong with listening to it 386 times over and over and over in the car. I love it ok. Ok.

Happy Wednesday!    

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Caroline said...

Love the pics! Glad your new sprint is better! The night splint sounds awful!

Rachel and John said...

Leigh is so much fun!! Enjoy your run!
I still haven't heard the new TS CD all the through. I need to buy it ASAP.

Jessica said...

Aww, poor Pooh bear! Hahaha

Leigh said...

Aw both you and Rachel are so nice! Can't wait to meet you tonight :)

I'd say have fun at the dentist, but I hate it and it's never fun!

Logan and Kiddies said...

Pooh, is saying "I no know how say cheese" and " I no know how smile" which is so not true!! There are smiling pics of her on here. She was just in a mood!! Which they (my girls) take turns having!!

Love the new splint AJ!

Ashley said...

For the shutterfly, you can still do it as a Canadian, you just have to pay for shipping

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I think the new splint is rather bad ass lol

capperson said...

Cute pics! And yay for the new splint!!! You are making me want to try that tea..lol

Nicole said...

Poor, Pooh! He is so precious! And I am going to look up that Taylor Swift song now- you can't NOT love her songs!

Kristin said...

Hope the blog date goes well!! I can't wait to meet a blog friend in real life!

Natalie Suarez said...

omg! that is sooo soo CUTE! :)


Suze said...

so your pictures def made me smile thx bloggy friend! sooo sweet. I so need to check out that new taylor swift song! so sweet your giving yur friends a date nite and babysitting the baby! i cant wait to hear how your bloggy friend visit went and jogging with her too cool! have a great wednesday evening!:)

star said...

Taylor Swift's new album is amazing! "Last Kiss" is an awesome song!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Those kiddos are just too cute!