Thoughtless Thursday & Questions

Linking up for Thoughtless Thursday with Katie today who is 1 week away from meeting her little man Caleb! :)
Last night I was looking through our honeymoon pictures and found these two photos that I love and that reminded me of what an amazing 2 weeks we had...
Babe - you wanna go back!? :)

AND I have to say Cruz & I had a GREAT run with Leigh last night. She is so sweet, fun and the conversation was great. Running with someone else is so much better than alone. Cruz just isn't great for small talk so thank you Leigh. We will for sure make this happen again, weekly perhaps? :) 

Now onto Questions from Al over at Traffic Jelly!

1) Favorite childhood show that you know you tried to stay home sick from school to watch:
Ummm... probably Full House. Loved it. Never wanted to miss it. Even my Grandad watched it with me on our Friday night sleepovers. One of my great memories of him. :)

2) When you were in 9th grade, what did you "want to be when you grew up"?
I wanted to be Vet at that point. Then I volunteered at our local vet. Loved it but realized I got a little woozy watching surgery and even woozier when asked to help pull out porcupine quills from a poor pups face. Vet, no thanks.
3) Guilty Pleasure....
Ice cream.
4) Halloween - YAY or NAY?? 
YAY all the way. Love it!
5) Favorite Holiday Tradition
At Christmas it would be Christmas Eve and Day, we always sleepever at whoevers house Chrstmas is at. That night we play games, do kakeokee, stay up way too late and have so much fun. Then in the morning we do stockings. It's just such a fun time. We each take turns and we watch each other open them. I still have not accepted the fact that my brother will not be home for Christmas this year because of his hockey schedule. It tears me up just to write it but I'm a big girl, I'll be ok. But take note Mississippi Surge, I am NOT happy about it. You are going to have to make it up to me somehow or we will just never be able to be friends, got that Surge...
I am happy that Jolie his GF has already booked her flight to be there with Jeff from Dec 26-Jan 1st. :)

At Halloween we always (except not this year - pout) have a pumpkin carve off with my parents and Nana. Mom and Dad used to have prizes and everything (what happened to prizes?!) Jeff used to ALWAYS ruin his and have a pout fest. Especially the time he took it downstairs and used a drill or saw a on it, can't remember which. SO funny.
6) Favorite Boy or Girl's name
This is a tricky one because Justin and I are keeping the names we love a secret. :)
But we did love Brooklyn for a girl, but now it's so popular...and I have always loved the names Levi, Tyson, Caleb and Liam for boys but they aren't 'our chosen names' :) I really like last names for first names if it works. Like we have a friend with the name Anderson. Love it.

7) Comfort Movie (you know, the one you have seen a million times but you HAVE to watch it again??)
My girl. I love it. I also love Rain Man.
8) A Quote you live by.
There are a lot of quotes I like. We have a picture at home in our staircase that says, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away". I have always loved that quote. I bought the picture even before we bought our house!

Lastly, Nana please get better so you can get out of that darn hospital. We want you home! And feeling better. Love you! XOXO

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Leigh said...

Did my talk of wanting to book a trip inspire you? Haha. I don't blame you either!

Thanks again for the great run last night :)

Rachel and John said...

Aw! Nice! I want to go on a vacation too. It's that time of year!

Jenny Hill said...

Hey Alison - Love the mentioned of Anderson's name, and if you had a boy at some point in time, I don't mind at all if you use it!
I am also loving your blog now that I know it exists! You do a great job.

Al said...

thanks for playing, doll! I was hoping I would see "Full House" somewhere :) Have a lovely day sweetheart!

Ashley said...

M & I used to love Brooklyn too, but now we just "like" it... maybe middle-name worthy... lol

Mom (of course!) said...

Ya...where did the prizes go for the pumpkin carve off? mmm...not sure!! It is really going to be strange not to have Jeff here for Christmas isn't it? Let's not think about it right now :(

Meant to write in a few days ago when you talked about your education as your favorite gift....Dad and I thought that was so great:) And to see what a wonderful job you do in your chosen field is a gift for us. Love you!!XOXOXOX

Suze said...

Hope your Nana feels better and gets to go home soon!

I too loveeed and still do love full house :)

that quote is a great quote to live by :)

Glad you had so much fun meeting a blogger in real life !!

Hope you have a great day!

Logan and kiddies said...

The pumpkin prizes?? Didn't have any prizes a couple years ago when we were there! Mayela still talks about the little pumpkin your nana my aunt bought her at the market!! So we all have a year to plan for next years pumpkins!!

Thinking of you Aunty Rene!!

Jessica said...

My Girl is one of my ALL time favorite movies. Sigh. I wish I could watch it now.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ jess said...

i love your blog! you and your hubby are adorable! New follower!