Sin City stole my husband.

Is it Wednesday at 6:30pm yet?

Justin left yesterday morning for here:

He is attending a computer nerds conference  I mean a work conference in Las Vegas called Auto-Desk University all week & I am the lucky duck who gets to go meet him there on tomorrow night until Sunday night!

Side note: It apparent we need each other because usually I do most of his packing when we go somewhere but didn't help him this time - and he forgot his ENTIRE shaving kit on bathroom counter. :(
And HE is the one that sets the alarm clock each night. Oups. This I did not do. Good thing my body woke me up at 6:31am. Yes that means I showered, hair done, make-up done all in 29 minutes. Thank goodness Cruz was having a sleepover with my Mom and Dad!
Anyways, I am SO very excited. We haven't been there together since we very first started dating so it will be fun to go back.

Flash back!

We look like BABIES! Eeek!

We don't have much planned yet but we did buy tickets to this:

I saw it a couple years ago with my girlfriends and it was great.
I am huge fan of all Cirque de Soleil shows and think they are all great but Justin has never seen one before so I am excited to see one with him.

Thursday Justin still has his conference so poor, poor me will have to occupy myself... all day in Las Vegas. I cannot think of a thing I will do...

EXCEPT this:

It's going to be rough people!
Did I mention I am very excited?
Here in Calgary we do not have Victoria Secret, Target or JCrew... I am pretty sure Forever 21 is way better in the States too. So Watch Out!

And I am certain it is warmer there than here so I'm ready. So ready.

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Suze said...

Girl be safe flying by yourself! That sounds like me not setting the alarm clock! bless your heart! Oh and FYI there are forever 21's in the states :) I would know that ha ! have fun in VEGAS! lucky duck! Perhaps you can sweet talk the pilot into going down south a little to have a layover near me ha ha ! I can only wish :P enjoy rest of your day and stay warm!

Ashley said...

Lucky Lucky!! I hope you have a great time!! Travel safe hun!!

Leigh said...

Hope you have so much fun!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Holy cow I forgot that you don't have a Target. My old sorority alumnae advisor is at that Auto-Desk conference! Small worlds have a fun time!

Stephanie said...

Hope you have a great time!

Jessica said...

Aww, I've never been to Vegas, and I'm dying to go. Seeing a Cirque show is on my bucket list too. :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMG!! I love Vegas! Have a fabulous time, girl!