Saturday Surprise & Emerson

We had a great day on Saturday.
We got up early and moved all our big Tupperware and boxes from the basement and into the storage space above the garage. It was a lot of work but it is fantastic, It has freed up lots of space in the basement and we still have lots of room up above the garage! 
Then I took Justin on his 'surprise'! I didn't tell him what he was doing until we pulled into the parking lot. 
I did give him hints, like he would want to wear something fast, a spandex suit preferably, I wasn't brave enough to do it...that sort of thing.

Surprise was:
Yup, he went down the Olympic luge track at Canada Olympic Park!
His time was 34 seconds and he went 62.4 km/hour.
The speed alone was why I was the photographer!

Then we looked after our niece Emerson that evening while Crystal and Troy went out for dinner for their belated anniversary.
It was lots of fun and she was great.
We read books, she cuddled with us both, hangout with her cousin Cruz, took her bottle like a pro, napped a little...overall very successful 1st time on babysitting duty!

Uncle Justin & Emerson watching the hockey game:

Cruz being Cruz:
Cruz getting some snuggle time in:
Cruz on diaper duty:
Emerson chatting to us:

Cruz on baby duty.

She was so intrigued and would not leave Emerson's side and if Emerson made any noise Cruz would hop up and have to inspect her to make sure she was ok. It was adorable. And Emerson just smiled away and watched Cruz.
Cruz is going to make a fabulous big sister some day! wink. wink.

All tuckered out:

Then Sunday included grocery shopping, lots of running around, drama, cleaning the house, making rice crispy squares, walking Cruz and a great dinner with Debbie, Crystal, Troy and Emerson!
Yes 2 days of Emerson cuddles in a row =  Happy Auntie!
And I went to bed a very tired girl. 

Happy Monday.

Oh and I loved this email from my Gran in regards to my "stylish blog award" so I couldn't help but share:

Just to say "Thank You" for a lovely patriotic touch to your Blog - once again, I am so proud of you.
AND.....Speaking about "being stylish" -- Oh, I've know you were stylish ever since the day I unwittingly suggested to you that you "really don't wear pearls with a T-shirt", to which you replied "I do, Gran". SHOULD I HAVE EVER DOUBTED YOU ?
So -- I am sending you a Scrumptious Hug.

Thanks Gran for making me smile this morning! xoxo

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Logan and Kids said...

Wow, good for you Justin, I would be taking the pictures too!! Emerson as cute as always!!

Caroline said...

Oh, wow! That looks so amazing. I've always wanted to try! Love all of the pics!

Leigh said...

Oh my god, I would have been peeing my pants if I was Justin!! Was it expensive to do?

Suze said...

Awww what a suprise! I think might have freaked if i was told that was my surprise but it looks like he certainly enjoyed it :)

Emerson is toooo cute! I wanna just eat her up! glad you enjoyed babysitting night and it was a success! I think Cruz did too ;)

Enjoy the rest of your monday girlie!

Mom XOXOOX said...

I love the way Cruz is just keeping her eye on Emerson. Reminds me SO SO much of Brandy with you. Gotta love those Labs :)

Rachel and John said...

That email was so cute! I love grandma's!

Jessica said...

Aww, your gram is too sweet!

You went luging?! (Lugeing? What's the plural of luge? Hahaha.) Sounds like a blast though!

Kristin said...

What an awesome surprise for Justin!! How stoked was he?!

krink said...

Great pics! I know Emerson just loved hanging out with Auntie Alison and Uncle Justin and Cousin Cruz! Thanks again for watching her!!! We soooo appreciated it!