Top 2 & More family photos from Whit!


Over at Taylor's blog the topic today is:
Top 2 Favorite gifts you have received...

Tough one.

(1) I'm going with my Education. My Mom and Dad paid for me to go through College/University for 4 years and I am SO thankful for that. I lived at home the entire time I was getting my degree so it gave me the opportunity to work and SAVE. Because of this, I was able to buy 2 cars all by myself and then purchase a home with Justin. Both of those would not have been possible if I had school debt I am certain.
So thank you thank you thank you Mom and Dad. That is one of the greatest gifts ever.

(2) I am going with my engagement ring. I love this ring. One: because I was SO shocked to get it when I did, Two: because I just love love love it and Three: because of what is represents.

Aren't you proud, I didn't cheat and put more than 2!!!

We had a great Halloween Party on Saturday at Dustin and Whit's.
(I didn't take any pictures though, pout)
Lots of yummy appies, Whit made delish mini cupcakes (we decided 5 mini cupcakes = 1 normal size one!), great friends, our dogs played all night and we drank Champagne.
Could you ask for more? Doubt it.
We played the game "Partners", an unmarried couple we met that night beat Justin and I, we normally come out winner. :( Perhaps they won't be invited back, I joke.
We joke that this game always brings out a fight but always 10 times the laughs.

She also gave us more pics from our photo shoot. 
(But don't worry, more still to come!)
By that time you will be SO sick of seeing pictures of us! :)

I love this one of Cruz below. 

Happy Tuesday!

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Ashley said...

Your pictures are AWESOME!!

Leigh said...

My parents gave me the same present and it was so, so appreciated! I worked through university though to pay for my car and food, etc.

The pictures turned out so well!

Rachel and John said...

Love the pictures!!
Also Education is a great gift! So glad you listed it!

Kit said...

Those pictures are AMAZING.. Your pup is so cute! My engagement ring is one of my favorite gifts as well!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Great pictures! Cute couple!! CUTE DOG!!!

Jessica said...

Wonderful top two! Your engagement pictures are so great, I wish I could've had my puppy in ours. {sad face}

Jessica said...

D'oh! Not engagement pics! I knew you were married. :/

Haha, I read too many wedding planning blogs.

LivKit said...

Great gifts!

Al said...

My lordy you guys are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! These photos are stunning, darling. You are the most beautiful couple :) Hope all is well :)

Kristin said...

Everything is beautiful...the pics, the people, the dog, the artistry!

I'm your newest follower!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

Whitney said...

These pics are awesome! Also - congratulations! You won my $35 CSN giveaway! Shoot me an email to claim your prize!


a toast.