Monday, monday...

Well I am in better spirits than my post on Friday, so thanks to everyone for thier sweet emails and comments. MUCH appreciated.

I also had a very sweet text from my brother yesterday, he said that my blog makes him smile and he reads it everyday. Ah. :) That text made me smile! Thanks Brother!

Today I can't stop thinking about him. A lot has transpired with the hockey team he was on so I hoping GREAT things happen today for him - or soon. I have a real good feeling. He deserves the BEST. 

Our weekend was busy.
Our fundraiser at the school on Saturday was a huge success, we were busy all day which was great.
Sunday Lily and I went to the zoo! It was a beautiful day so we had a great time. My sloth friends were missing me so I thought I'd better pay them a visit, I pretty much made thier day!

Justin worked SO hard on the electrical for the garage this weekend all by himself. He is amazing!
I came home on Sunday to our garage door being all hooked up!
{-insert girlie squeal-}
No more clean & pressing the door open! All I do is press the magin button! AND the garage will now tell me the time and temperature. wow.
Justin you are the greatest! Thank you.

Then we had a great Sunday dinner with Mom and Dad and a good chat with Jeffers on speaker phone!

I think that's all I got today...
I'm really looking forward to Raise the Bar with Mom tonight and then a FREE yoga class with Leigh tomorrow! :)

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Leigh said...

Glad to hear that your weekend was much better than your Friday :)

I'm excited for yoga tomorrow night

Suze said...

Sounds like you had a good rest of the weekend girl! So happy for you and thats so sweet of your brudda to say he enjoys reading your blog!Loving those quotes you posted , and that is really neat what your sweet hubby did for the garage ordeal. He seems to be a really good handy man around the house! you are one lucky girl! Hope you have a good monday :)

Jessica said...

I love that first picture, I'm considering putting it up at my desk. ;)

I'm glad your feeling better and your hubs is awesome. Can I rent him? Mine won't fix my bathroom. {Hmph}

amy (metz) walker said...

Yay for automatic garage doors! We lived in an old house one time with no garage at all and I will forever be grateful for such luxeries! ;-)

Oh, and how sweet your brother reads your blog! My dad always tells me his coffee tastes better on the mornings I blog. It's somehow quite the compliment!