So What & What I am loving!


Linking up with Mama Dew for the first time today, her "So What Wednesdays" have me seriously laughing out loud! Love them.

  • I am already half packed for Vegas and we don't leave for 2 weeks. I always re-pack like 4 times anyways.
  • Justin and I can guess what is going to happen on the cheesy new 90210 series (that I love anyways) and I STILL cried at the end of last weeks episode. Yes, Justin laughed at me excessively, you can too.
  • My favorite time of the day is after a workout when I can put my comfy 'time to veg on the couch' clothes on.
  • I let my dog kiss me on the face. So what!
  • I don't get a flu shot. The year I did I was sicker than a dog, so now I don't.
  • I still haven't taken my Taylor Swift CD out of my car, it makes me happy.
  • Justin caught me listening to my fav Taylor songs while on making sure I had all the words down. I hate it when you 'think' you know the lyrics and you have them wrong. ha ha. I do that a lot.

  • I'm loving that we went to Costco last night and picked up our Christmas cards.
  • AND I'm loving that I got 2 new books there - way cheaper! I have been waiting patiently for Jodi Picoult's new book House Rules to come out in paperback. Got it!!! $9.99! Started it last night! I also got Mini Shopaholic.
  • I'm loving that Cruz adores the snow. She is so funny it. She loves going out to shovel with Justin in the morning too. A few picures especially for Caroline. She was so excited for our snowfall! :) 

  • I'm loving that Aly is going to have a 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge and I am going to join in!  
  • I'm loving that Mom and Dad are coming over for Survivor night tonight!
  • I'm loving that Lily's 3 night sleepover starts tomorrow - full post on that to come!
  • I'm loving that I made home-made chicken soup and it is waiting for us in the Crock-pot! Perfect for this chilly, chilly day!

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Caroline said...

I got the flu shot and was sick. Ugh. Knox loves kisses and kisses me on the face too. And I love putting my comfy clothes on. I long for that time in the day!

Leigh said...

I love putting on comfy clothes to just hang out around the house in. Especially when it's cold and snowy like it is now!

Cruz looks like she had a lot of fun in the snow!

Jessica said...

I'm currently reading Shopaholic and a Baby, I've become addicted to those books.

(I don't get a flu shot either, shhh)

Debby Blackmon said...

You will love the book House Rules, it is almost impossible to put down once you start reading it. Wow, you have a lot of snow. All there is here in Geneseo is Wind.

Suze said...

Enjoy your time with your mom and daddy! Cruz looks like she's enjoying the snow!! I cant wait to read about Lily sleep over! chicken soup sounds sooo good!!!!! I do the whole lyrics thing too ha ha , i make up my own and think it sounds good then i quickly realize as im corrected no its this word not that word and i make a fool out of myself but who cares as im signing contently in my car by myself LOL! I need to email you about something girlie!

Mama Dew said...

Thanks for linking up!!!!

I totally let our dogs lick me in the face and then get embarrassed when they do it to company...oooops!

Kristin said...

Whats up with everyone getting sick from flu shots?? Weird. Glad I dont do shots :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Comfy clothes are the best...that's the first thing I put on when I come home from work :)

Hope you've had a great day!

Stephanie said...

Looks like wonderful books, may have to check them out...