Halloween at the Black's!


Around our house on Halloween Day...

I could not find candy corn ANYWHERE to make the wreath like Leigh's, so I decorated 3 pumpkins instead.

Mom and Dad's pumpkins, we missed carving pumpkins with them this year. :(

We had 34 Trick-or-Treaters!
Lots of the kids commented on my blood bowl in the above photo. :)
The blood shakes around. Best $1 I spent!

Emerson came trick-or-treating to Aunty Alison & Uncle Justin's!
Cutest little lady bug ever!

AND, I took Jenn's advice and gave Emerson the Flames onesie she made early and good thing I did, it fit perfectly! It must be a very small 12 month onesie seeing as she is only 2 months! But she will be the CUTEST fan ever at the games with her proud flames obsessed lovin' Dad.
She loves it! So does Daddy and Mommy!

Check out that butt!

I also got this tuque for her that Justin gave to her before they left for the game on Thursday. As you can see she freakin' loves it. 

And here is her Halloween onesie from Aunty Alison too. 
Dal got the same one! :)
But check out her barrette in her almost no-existent hair! Eeek love it.

Justin also finished all the siding on the garage and him and Blake installed the fold down ladder that goes up to the storage in the garage (or the new Gentleman's Club as Justin and Blake named it...).
Yes, my husband is super husband. No you can't borrow him. Sorry.
He deserved the above photographed nap him and Cruz enjoyed yesterday afternoon!

Happy Monday! :)

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Caroline said...

Great job on the pumpkins!! Cute Halloween pics! And J did a great job on the garage!!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

OMG your garage looks AWESOME!! My boy almost finished the roof we're missing some pieces.

Love the onesies! Can I post them on my FB page for LOL? I'm glad you gave it to her! I've heard they run small so I'm glad you didn't wait!

Leigh said...

Love your decorations! :) We had about the same amount of kids, but we thought we would have so many more!

So exciting that the garage is almost done!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great decorations!
And the garage look great, good job Justin :)

Mom said...

Love all the decorations. Wow...designer pumpkins!! I thought you would have had tons more kids.

Cute Flames onesie and bug costume.Emerson looks so big.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am an Oilers fan myself haha But I LOVE the decor around your house :)

Molly said...

those pumpkins are awesome!! and holy crap at super husband! that is impressive.