Day 8


Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays

There isn't much I don't like about the Holidays.
"Holiday" is a great word!!!

But this year - it is that my brother Jeff isn't able to come home.

This is not ok with me.
Nope his hockey team did not ask my opinion on this. Nope they sure didn't. Because if they did, I would have said a big fat NOT OK with this sister. But they didn't ask.
Next year they better think again. Got that Columbus!

Ok, ok I know he has games on the 23th, 26th, 28th.... but come! It's Christmas people.

Ok that was my rant. I'm over it. Not at all really.
THAT is my least favorite thing about this holiday....
and thanks for asking!

Other than that HUGE thing, there is not much I don't like.

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Leigh said...

Boo that stinks that your brother won't be home for Christmas. Maybe you guys could have a Skype date?

Suze said...

I sooo chuckled just because i can hear you saying all of that. your right , its christmas people come on! But-- that stinks he won't be there for christmas umph! :( I'm with leigh do a skype date! :)

A Little R&R said...

That so sad - families should be together for Christmas (that from someone who lives 9 time zones from her family. *frown*) I am your newest follower from 12 DOC. :)

Meg said...

You can ABSOLUTELY join the Mitten Mixer! We would be happy to have a canadian in our midst!

Thanks girl!!

- Meg

Come back and sign-up! :)

Caroline said...

Bummer that he won't be able to come home! :( I know he'll miss you guys more than you'll miss him!