Day 3 - Gifts


Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received.
I love all Christmas gifts because I know people put a lot of thought into them and it is just so fun opening them with family.
But some great ones I can think of are:

Justin bought/built me a bike. On a year we weren't doing gifts with each other because we were going to Cuba too. Go figure.
You can't really see it but all the accents are pink! :)

The hubby

Last year Mom & Dad & Gran got Justin and I Three nights at the Annabel Lee B & B where we stayed to go visit Jeff. It was perfect.
Oh how we miss that B & B.
If you are ever in Geneseo, NY. Go there. It is the best, as are the Hosts. :)

I wish I had a better memory and could think of all the great Santa gifts I got. 
Because they were always the BEST and JUST what we wanted!

But I do remember the birthday I got my hamster Scooter. 
I wanted one SO badly, I was so excited I cried! I remember Jeff being so confused, he was like "Don't you like him AJ"...

Well that's Day 3 - Head on over to Aly's blog and play too!

Monday morning I got a wonderful surprise!
My cousin Logan and her 3 kids came to visit!
It is so good to have them here, even though I saw them in July it seems like FOR-ever!
They just make me smile so much.
Avah has decided that Uncle Justin is the COOLest. If she's going to do anything Uncle Justin has to see.

(these photos are from this summer)

And Cruz has decided that Avah is the COOLest. I'm not sure if it's her height, sweet little voice or what but she followed her around wagging her tail all night.
Mayela is 5 going on 13 but the big news is she ate ALL her dinner last night and I was so proud of her, this summer eating was battle.
SO Ice cream sundaes it was for dessert!

And Dal...oh my goodness that boy. He is the smiliest little man I have ever seen. He is too cute for words and I cannot get enough of his cuddles.
I promise to take new pictures today.

Have a great Thanksgiving to all my American friends (Jeff & Jolie too!)

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Kit said...

Those are awesome gifts! I know that B&B was so wonderful!

Leigh said...

I love how Justin added pink accents to your bike to make it 'yours'. So sweet!

Molly said...

Love these!

Thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jessica said...

Those are some pretty great gifts! Santa always brings the best ones. ;)