Day 1: Blogger Challenge


Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions

One of my favorite traditions is that we sleepover at whoever's house that is hosting Christmas on Christmas eve. 
Like this year it is Aunty Cathy & Uncle Ken hosting.
Mom, Dad, Nana, Jeff (pout), Justin & I and all our dogs will sleep over there this year. Christmas eve we play games, do karaokee, attempt guitar hero, enjoy cocktails and lots of laughs. And almost always stay up too late.
But we have tons of fun.

We also get new PJ's from Nana Christmas Eve. And she makes caramels.

Mom does slipper mail during December. She leaves us little treats/surprises in a Christmas slipper. :) 

Gran makes delicious Christmas cake.

I love Christmas!

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Haven's Mom said...

You might have the most fun family ever! Great traditions! :)

Kristin said...

LOOKS AMAZING! I love that you have a big sleepover! So fun! :)

Molly said...

So fun that you have a sleepover! I hope my kids do that with us when they are grown and out of the house :)

I LOVE that you play rock band, its the GREATEST GAME EVER!

capperson said...

Love the traditions!! Yor family sounds fun!!

Leigh said...

Fun Christmas traditions! I love new Christmas pj's! :)

Rachel and John said...

Fun! Our Christmas Traditions are all up in the air as everyone gets married and moves. We are still trying to make them all work.

Kit said...

You have some great traditions! Your Christmas is going to be amazing!

Annie said...

sounds and looks like ya'll have such a fun christmas!! :)
the last pic of you is so cute girly!

Caroline said...

Now this is awesome!!! It looks like a great time! I want to do this!

Al said...

That post made my heart smile :) Someday I might have to copy that idea with my own family, I LOVE the idea of everyone sleeping over and having a huge party and game night! It looks like so much fun...Hope all is well, darlin!

Jessica said...

I love the idea of a sleepover! My family would never do it, I wish they would!

You guys look like your having a blast. :)

amy (metz) walker said...

We always try to do something similar as well! My mom had us open one gift every Christmas Eve and it took me until I was 16 (I'm a quick learner) to figure out that it was always pajamas the night before so we could have cute Christmas morning pictures. :-)