Wonderful Weekend


As I mentioned on Friday, Saturday morning we went out with one of our best friends Whitney who just happens to be very talented behind her camera lens. We had SO much fun. She is one of the funniest and funnest people we know and we ALWAYS have a blast with her and her hubby Dustin. We are so thankful she does these for us.
They turned out ah-mazing this year.
Yes, I took my splint off. Erin my OT said I could. :)
Here are her 9 fav shots she sent us, more to come!

After pictures with Whit we had lunch with her and Dust at thier place while the dogs played endlessly in the backyard!
Then we went to Cross-Iron Mills mall, we got new soap from Bath & Body Works for all sinks in the house! Now our sinks are SO happy.

I also got 2 new books with a GC from my brother! I love new books!
(Jeff team WON BOTH games this weekend by the way - Go Surge!) 

Then Justin worked on the siding of the garage. Have I mentined that he has been a machine working on the garage! Well he has. Amazing! And I cleaned the whole house. This needed to be done in bad way! And I love love love a clean house.
Then we had a quiet night catching up on TV!
Best way to spend an evening.

Sunday Justin continued his quest on the siding. I hungout with my girl Lily and then we went to Mom and Dad for dinner for Nana's birthday. Nana is out of the hospital and staying at Mom and Dad for a week or so and doing well.

Now it's Monday. Back at work for five full days. Le Sigh.
But Mom and I are going to a Raise the Bar class tonight so I am super excited to do that again. Hopefully 1 handed will be as good as 2!

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Suze said...

those pictures are soooo GOOD! love them!

Caroline said...

Beautiful pictures! Your friend is quite talented! I hope you're getting some of these framed!

Leigh said...

The pictures turned out so awesome! So pretty :)

What time were you at Cross Iron Mills? I was there on Saturday as well!

Jessica said...

Your pictures came out WONDERFUL! I love the handsoaps at B&BW too.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh these photos are so beautiful she does such a good job! I'm totally envious because I want some just like this!

Rachel and John said...

I love the photos! Especially the first one!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

You two are very photogenic! Cute pictures!