What I'm loving Wednesday


I'm loving these summer pictures that Whitney just sent me. We had SO much fun this weekend and it just takes me back...
Look at that sky!

I'm loving my brother's face in this kills me.
Him and Blake have such a funny relationship, they are constantly bugging each other.
It's hilarious.

Brother & I - Miss you!
Our Cruzie girl!
Karen, Whit, Alison, Mom
Super Dad!
Brett & Jeff

I'm loving this picture. My Lily girl used to be deathly afraid of dogs until Cruz came along as this  bundle of cuteness and now Cruz is her BFF. Our days together now must consist of taking Cruz on a loooooong walk.

I'm loving that both Justin and I can now park in our beloved garage. You know what that means?! No scraping our car when it's cold and snowy. Yes - both Monday, yesterday and today would have been scraping days. Not for these two!

I'm loving good chat with Justin a lot lot. :)

I'm loving that my wonderful, super duper, amazing husband found me a Taylor Swift TV show!
Who knew! And I just love her. I know, I know - but I do. A lot.
Hear this: After every show she hosts a "Tea Party". During her concerts her Mom and a team of people walk around and hand out invitations to her Tea Party to fans that look like super fans (aka ME if I was there!) or young kids who look like that may be their first concert...then back stage she has pizza, drinks and mingles with all those super fans after each show. Pretty impressive lady.

As always I'm loving my wondeful family, friends, Cruzie and Just. And looking forward to Mom, Dad, Nana, Ripken and Bailey all coming over to watch Survivor tonight!

Have a fabulous Wednesday you all.

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Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I'm loving the new T. Swift cd!

Caroline said...

That sky is beautiful! And Taylor doesn't even look like herself in those pics. I hear the new cd is awesome.

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

What fun summer pictures!

Simply Me said...

those pics of taylor are amazing and I love her!! new follower ;)

Rachel and John said...

I LOVE Taylor Swift. You are not alone.
I wish I could park in our garage! It's full of junk right now. We need to clean it!

Jessica said...

if I had known that TSwift did that during contests, you better believe I would have acted like a crazed super fan!

Kristin said...

Yay for a two car garage!! I couldnt imagine scrapping snow and ice off the car!

Logan and kiddies said...

I also very excited about the garage!! But Justin maybe it should have been a 3 car garage for when I come to visit!! But then again I don't have a garage so Im used to scrapping the snow of the vehicle! Good job!! Your hired, now I just have to figure out where to put it!

A Southern Love said...

Found your blog through Little Daisy May and I'm so glad I did! It is very cute!! I just love all your pictures!! New follower!! :)