What I'm Loving Wednesday!


Today for the first time I am linking up with This kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that my brother made the Mississippi Surge team! 

It may not have been his top pick but it is a step in the right direction and we are SO proud of him. What is even better is that his buddy and team mate from Geneseo also made the team! AND they will be roomies! Eeekk Best news! Good work Jeff & Phil!

I'm loving that Jolie has booked her first trip to Mississippi! Best girlfriend ever award!

I'm loving Modern Family. Seriously makes me pee my pants a little.

I'm loving frozen grapes. Best snack ever!

I'm loving that Nana is doing so well in the hospital. She went for a pretty long walk with Mom and I today and her spirits are high so it's great. Her corner of the room looks like a flower shop so I'm loving all the love she is receiving.

I'm loving that my thumb looks like this now: 

and not this: 

Except the top picture is me giving a thumbs up, not so 'up'! Come up thumb work with me!

I'm loving that I did my new Jillian Micheal's Shred-It Kettlebell dvd (with 1 arm) yesterday and today did Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred L2 and P90X Ab Ripper X. I'm back on track people!

I'm loving this song and video. And it is just fine to listen to it 80 times in a row so there.

I'm loving that the garage has windows and doors and that Justin is so darn hard working and handy!

 I'm ALWAYS Loving my amazing husband, family, Cruzie and friends.


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Just the Two of US said...

Oh your poor thumb... looks painful... so sorry!!

Leigh said...

All great things to love! Happy to hear that your thumb is getting better and looking better!

Random question- where did you buy Cruz from? Was it from someone in Calgary? We are starting to look at puppies, but I'd rather buy one from somewhere that has a good reputation.

Caroline said...

yay for your bro! I am eating frozen grapes right now! Yum!!!

Kit said...

YUM...frozen grapes! I have to try it!

Rachel & James said...

Great work Jeff, we knew you would do it, enjoy Mississippi!!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE your posts!!! They are so uplifting and always are packed with a tidbit or two of advice for wellness or just reminding us to love the little things. Thanks for that!

Annie said...

YAY!!! totally happy for your brother!!! :)
good for you on the workouts hun!! i really need to get my bum back in gear!! i have a kettlebell but have yet to get a dvd to workout with it. i made the mistake of getting a 15 pounder and the thing is just so stinkin heavy, i can only do a few things with it.
i must try frozen grapes!
glad your thumb is healing!! that was such a bad random accident! also glad your nana is doing better :)
and i just LOVE that sugarland song too!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I love Modern Family too...can't wait to watch it tonight!

Your finger looks SO much better than it did!

Mom said...

That vidoe is hillarious!!! Had me laughing out loud :) Yeh Jeff!!!! (and Phil too)

Mom said...

Ooops...forget to say a BIG 'WAY TO GO' for Justin and all his hard work on the garage!!!

Caitlin said...

I found your blog on Jamie's link-up, so cute! And exciting news for your brother- I haven't heard about that team, but I am from Mississippi!

Jessica said...

Ouch, your thumb looks so much better now. I love frozen grapes too!

Mrs. S said...

I need to try frozen grapes! They look soo good.
Wow! glad your finger looks better than it did!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I just found your blog and had to say hello. :)

I love this type of post. And all such good things to love. Frozen grapes are delicious. I haven't had them in too long. Good workouts always feel so great too.