Top 2 tuesday!


Today's Top 2 is: Halloween or Fall crafts/decor/party ideas!
I love Halloween. I could buy and buy and buy Halloween decorations but I have learned some self control in that area.

 (1) I have always wanted to host a Halloween Party.
Someday I will and it look a little like this:

Gotta love the pink and black! With silver accents.
With lots of yummers spooky treats!
(2) Pumpkins. I love pumpkins and I am loving all the painted pumpkins I have been seeing. So creative.

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black tag diaries said...

love the RIP pudding treats!

Melissa Jo said...

the RIP pudding treats are fabulous! so cute!

Caroline said...

Love the Halloween party setting. And I LOVE the painted pumpkins!

Stephanie said...

Love the painted pumpkins.

I'm a new follower from Top 2 Tuesday. Hope you'll check out my blog

Jessica said...

The pumpkin centerpieces are FAB!!!!

Lindsey said...

i really like the pink, black and silver themed party - totally unique but it still feels like halloween - what a great idea!

LivKit said...

I love them all! Too cute!