Top 2 Tuesday


This weeks Top 2 Tuesday is: Old Pictures!
I love this one because I LOVE pictures. They are ALL over my house and struggle to find room for new ones! So it was hard to pick two...

My first 2 picks (I know cheating already) are of both my Grand-parent that have passed away but these are my FAV pictures of them.
The first one is of my Grandad and I one summer, obviously on a Regatta weekend seeing as I am wearing ribbons.
(Jeff are you seeing all those red ones...even as a child I was a superstar!) 

This one is my Uncle Brian when we were in Whistler. He is wearing Jeff's hat and sunglasses. This picture is classic Uncle Brian. It makes me smile every time I see it because he really was the funniest man and lived to makes others laugh.

I miss them both.

This one is (obviously) from our wedding. It is with all the Grand-parents, parents and wedding party and their significant others. (Too bad one significant other has been turned into a bobble head!) Way to ruin a great picture!
Anyways - still a fav!

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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love the pictures!!!

Caroline said...

Awesome pictures! I am loving all of the old pics!

Leigh said...

I love looking at old pictures! Haha the one with you and all of your ribbons is cute!

Kit said...

Great pictures!

Rachel and John said...

Aw cute!!

Jessica said...

I used to be huge into scrap booking so photography has become a second passion. Loved all your pictures!

Rachel Woolfenden said...

Love your Picture of my Dad !! You are right about how funny he was and loved to make people smile!

Your blog is fantastic! Great work !

J and A said...

Ah thanks Aunty! Like I said, it's one of my fav's Rachel!