Thoughtless Thursday


Linking up with Katie's Thoughtless Thursday.
Thought I would share some recent pics of my cousin Logan and her kiddies.
Why? Because they are so darn cute!

Look at that cheeky grin!

Mayela teaching everyone yoga!

She will kill her Annie Afilin in 10 years but look at her little face!

Our soccer star!

And I am excited to have lunch with this cutie:

And excited for Justin to go to the Flames game tonight!

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Caroline said...

They are all so cute! Love the yoga pic! :)

Leigh said...

You have such cute nieces and nephews! :) Haha I love the "party in my crib at 2am " shirt!

Rachel and John said...

John is going to the Flames Game tonight too!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

What little cutie pies.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I love that "party at my crib" shirt!! Adorable!

Jessica said...

Haha! The kids doing yoga is hilarious. Very cute pics.

Molly said...

Freakin adorable kids! LOVE the yoga pic. Haha.

Annie said...

what adorable little kiddos!!!
i need someone to teach me some yoga! ;)